Cadiz, Spain

This past fall we visited Rome and then cruised from there to Ft Lauderdale.  My last blog of the trip was about Gibraltar.  Our next stop was Cadiz.  This ancient city is located on a narrow spit of land on the southwestern coast of Spain surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  The old town has narrow streets and lovely plazas. 


In the morning we took a bus ride out to Jerez, a small town on the mainland, to tour the Beam Winery.  They make Harvey’s Bristol Crème here …  of course we had to do a taste test!

DSC06523 C DSC06515 C DSC06527 C

A view of the Spanish landscape …

DSC06534 C  DSC06535 C

Back in the city for the afternoon, we headed out for a long walk around the old town.

Plaza de Espana

DSC06538 C Plaza de Espana DSC06542 C

DSC06600 C

Pretty streets, architecture and water fronts…..

DSC06543 C  DSC06552 C

DSC06547 C  DSC06549 C

DSC06551 C  DSC06544 view of Bahia de Cadiz

DSC06565 C DSC06553 C DSC06559 C

DSC06566 C

DSC06568 C  The theatre.

Looking toward the new city and great beaches.

DSC06585 C along the Atlantic Ocean

DSC06503 C

The Cathedral Nueva

DSC06575 C Cathedral Nueva  DSC06576 C

Plaza del San Juan Dias

DSC06580 C Plaza de San Juan Dias  DSC06579 C

DSC06583 C  DSC06599 C Paseo Canalejas

DSC06584 C Cathedral Nueva  DSC06591 C

DSC06604 C  Beautiful weather added to the enjoyment!


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Gracia's Travels is a photo blog. I always take too many pictures on trips so I justify my compulsion with this blog! The blog is mostly photos - they tell the best part of the story. Please contact me if you would like to use any of my photos.
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5 Responses to Cadiz, Spain

  1. says:

    Hi Gracia,

    I don’t know if you are aware of it … but your photos are really looking professional! The framing, the choice of angle, the proper use of existing light. You’re good girl!

    Made me wonder if you know about the stock photo web sites where you can actually sell your work, sometimes over and over again. With all the pics you have, think you might do quite well.

    The ones I’ve read about are: iStock, Fotolia, Dreamstime, and Bigstock. You should give them a try 😉


  2. Janet Freeman says:

    Beautiful place Gracia. I have missed your travel logs. Glad you are back with one.

    • graciamc says:

      Thanks, Janet. We were traveling this spring and I’ve gotten way behind. My summer project is to catch up where we’ve been recently and then keep plugging away on pictures from older trips. I don’t want my hobby to become a job, though!

  3. Patricia says:

    Cadiz and Jerez look delightful and ,wow, you did have nice weather for November!

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