Memories of Lisbon – 1

Lisbon was a 2 day stop on our Holland America transatlantic cruise last fall, 2012.  We were also in Lisbon for a week in the fall of 2008.  It was fun returning to a place we knew.  I’m including pictures from both trips.

DSC06615 C (2)

Lisbon sits just a little ways inland on the Tagus river, a perfectly protected port.  Our ship docked right in town.  You could take a bus but we walked the half mile to the Baixa – Lisbon’s downtown area. 

DSC06661 -2 C Stitch

The large plaza on the waterfront is called Praça do Comércio. 

DSC06729 C Praca do Comercio  DSC06732 C

DSC06664 C  DSC06666 C2

2960 C  DSC06668 C2

2958 C King Jose I  2957 C

King Jose I was covered for repairs or cleaning during our 2012 visit.

DSC06676 C Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta, Lisbon’s Main Street in the Baixa, is pedestrian only.  (They were decorating for Christmas both times we were here!)

2952 C Christmas Lighting  2953 C2

The streets and walkways of Lisbon are one of it’s main attractions.  The black and white stones are everywhere.  The story is that they are a memorial to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Lisbon in 1755.  30,000 to 40,000 people were killed in Lisbon and the tsunami traveled as far as Galway, Ireland!  The black stones are there to never forget those who died and the white to remember those who carried on and rebuilt the city after the disaster.

DSC06707 C  DSC06670 C2 Street tiles

DSC06671 C2  DSC06714 C

Lisbon has a couple tasty pastry specialties: Pasteis de Nata (cream tarts) and Travesseiros (puff pastry with sugar).

DSC06672 C Pateries  DSC06674 C

DSC06677 C

We did not try these but I would have liked a shell.…

Lisbon is a great walking city with pretty plaza’s and fountains.

DSC06690 C  DSC06692 C

DSC06694 C  DSC06693 C

DSC06696 C  DSC06710 C2

DSC06717 C 3037 C2

3048 C     DSC06722 C

This florist shop caught my eye on both trips!

Any street will take you past buildings covered in a riot of colored tiles, paint and stone.

DSC06636 C   2990 C

DSC06650 C

DSC06645 C  DSC06647 C

DSC06653 C  2987 C2

2986 C  3033 C

2993 C  DSC06715 C

DSC06699 C      DSC06741 C

DSC06738 C  2994 C

2995 C (2) (2)

To be continued……….


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5 Responses to Memories of Lisbon – 1

  1. Catherine says:

    Was feeling a bit out of sorts this evening and then one of Gracia’s great travelogues/photo essays arrived. Perfect timing — now all is adventure and exploring once again. Thanks so much for all the work you put into these!

  2. Alison Erickson says:

    Yes – I agree – I also look forward to your posts and gorgeous photos. These of Lisbon are exquisite – what a beautiful place. I like the pigeons on the statues; plus you managed to get in the kitty pictures!

  3. Janet Freeman says:

    Gracia, Thanks for these excellent pictures. I was in Lisbon in the 70’s and your pics were such a reminder of the beauty of the city. It has changed little. I remember all the apartment windows were sparkling clean. It’s a lovely place.

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