Memories of Lisbon – 2

When we visited Lisbon in 2008 we rented an apartment for a week.  The street wasn’t very impressive, nor was our view from the bedroom.

2914 C Apartment Street Scene  2916 C bedroom window view

But from the living room window it was a whole other story!

2925 C Our Views

3144 -5 C Stitch

2941 -2 C2 Stitch

2935 C2 Castel De Sai Jorge

2939 C

We never got tired of these views.

The Baixa, Lisbon’s downtown, actually is “down”.  It faces the river but hills rise up on the other 3 sides.  As you go up the hills you move into more ancient narrow streets.  The lower area was destroyed in the tsunami and was rebuilt with more open spaces and wider streets.

3009 -10 C Stitch

2992 C   2996 C

To help get you up the hills is the Elevador de Santa Justa and the Gloria Funicular, trolly cars with special risers that keep them level as they go up and down the steep incline.  They looked as if they were floating above the street!

2963 C Elevador de Santa Justa  2969 C

Wonderful views from the San Pedro Belvedere…

2970 C San Pedro Belvedere

2974 C 2975 C

The Castelo de Sao Jorge is on the other side.

DSC06711 C Castel de Sao Jorge

Near the base of the Castle hill is the Se Cathedral.  This is the oldest church in the city, begun in 1147.

3321 C Se Catedral     3323 C

3324 C   3325 C

3326 C  3328 C

3331 C  3329 C2

We climbed up the hill to a look out point, Porta del Sol.  This is the view looking farther up the river.

3260 -1&3 C Stitch Se Catedral

Finally we made our way to the Castle.  The first fortifications on this hill are believed to have been built in 48BC.  They were rebuilt by different conquerors over the years and what we see today is Moorish, from the 10th century.  In the late 14th century the castle was dedicated to Saint George.  There are more great views and it was fun exploring the castle grounds.

3269 C Castelo de Sao Jorge  3270 C Afonso Henriques

3275 C Praca do Comercio  3283 C

3286 C  3288 C

3289 C Great place for a field trip!

3293 -4 C Stitch

3297 C  3298 C

3303 C  3304 Curly Eared Cat

Every castle needs a cat – this one had curly ears!


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2 Responses to Memories of Lisbon – 2

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    I am reminded of how ancient the buildings are compared to our ‘short’ American history, in comparison. I, of course, am a devoted fan of your blog and travel vicariously through your pictures. Thanks for the post of the beautiful city.

  2. Rachael says:

    What a super travelogue. The view from your apartment was superb! Love the shot of the funicular trolleys looking, exactly as you describe them, as if they are floating.

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