Incredible India 4 – Agra and the Red Fort

DSC09197 C Agra Fort  DSC09198 C

Agra Fort, another World Heritage Site, was built by the Mughals in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 1500s.  The massive walls run 1 1/2 miles long and are 70 feet high.

                                         DSC09200 C 

The complex is actually a fortified palace containing royal apartments, mosques and assembly halls….a walled city with over 500 buildings.

 DSC09205 -6 C Stitch  DSC09203 C

There are several gates you pass through on your way inside.

DSC09209 C 

DSC09305 C  DSC09211 C

DSC09218 C  DSC09225 C

DSC09231 C  DSC09234 C

Peekaboo views of the Taj Mahal are everywhere.

DSC09235 C  DSC09229 C

DSC09239 C  DSC09248 C

DSC09241 C2

DSC09250 C  DSC09253 C

Wikipedia: “An interesting mix of Hindu and Islamic architecture is found here. In fact, some of the Islamic decorations feature haraam (sinful) images of living creatures – dragons, elephants and birds, instead of the usual patterns and calligraphy seen in Islamic surface decoration.”

DSC09226 C  DSC09227 C

DSC09254 C  DSC09259 C

DSC09245 C  DSC09255 C

DSC09257 C  DSC09261 C

DSC09262 -3 C Stitch

DSC09273 C  DSC09266 C

DSC09267 C  DSC09275 C

DSC09277 -8 C Stitch

The emperor, Shah Jahan, who built the Taj as a mausoleum for his favorite wife, was imprisoned by his son in the Agra Fort.  It is said he died in the Musamman Burj, a tower with a beautiful marble balcony and a view of the Taj.

DSC09287 C

DSC09290 C  DSC09280 C

Even though there were crowds you could still find quiet spaces. 

DSC09292 C  DSC09293 C  Some things are universal. Winking smile


DSC09295 C  DSC09294 C

DSC09300 -01 C Stitch


We were treated to a lunch at the home of a local family.  They cooked for us in their walled garden.

DSC09311 C  DSC09312 C

DSC09314 C  DSC09315 C

This is their lovely home (located behind a gated wall) and this is the gas station right next door.

DSC09315 C2  And this is the end of a cow… in line for a fill-up?

Agra, as all of India, is a study in contrasts.

DSC09316 C

Not sure who this was but we drove around him several times.

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