Incredible India 5 – Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

DSC09325 C Fathehpur Sikri

The third UNESCO World Heritage Site in Agra is Fatehpur Sikri.  Located 23 miles from Agra and now described as a ghost–town, it was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in the mid 16th century.  When the British came in 1583 the city exceeded London in population and grandeur.  Akbar ruled from here for just 14 years before moving his capital back to Agra, possibly because of a shortage of water.

Notice the difference between inside an historic site (above) and outside (below).

DSC09421 C Fathehpur Sikri

Massive walls enclosed three sides.  A lake, now dried up, protected the fourth.  The red sandstone buildings are remarkably well preserved because the city was never resettled or modified by later rulers.


DSC09333 C   DSC09336 C

DSC09368 C

DSC09369 C

DSC09338 C   DSC09347 C

DSC09363 C  DSC09342 C

DSC09346 C   DSC09353

DSC09339 C

DSC09366 C   DSC09370 C

DSC09379 C   DSC09374 C

DSC09381 C (2)  DSC09380 C

We caught some “wildlife” napping!

DSC09382 C  DSC09386 -87 90 C Stitch

DSC09385 C  DSC09383 C

DSC09394 C    DSC09392 C

DSC09406 -09 C Stitch

DSC09403 -04 C Stitch  DSC09416 C

DSC09419 C

I loved wandering through this site.  The spaces are huge and even though there were plenty of other tourists, it felt like you had the place to yourself!


DSC09402 C


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2 Responses to Incredible India 5 – Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

  1. John says:

    We LOVED your pictures and story about Fatehpur Sikri. What a marvelous place. How fortunate you and Will were to see it on what looks like a lovely day. John and Donna

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