Incredible India 6 – Rajasthan and the Abhaneri Step Well

Our trip from Agra to Jaipur took us through the Rajasthan countryside.  We made a two night stop at the Dera Village Retreat.  It is in the middle of nowhere.  We left our big bus behind and took jeeps to the resort.

DSC09428 C2

DSC09426 C to Dera Village Retreat

We passed a mostly dry monsoon lake and finally arrived at a little oasis of a resort. 

DSC09451 C4 

DSC09429 C Our cottage DSC09562 C

We had our own little air conditioned cabin with a canopied ceiling. 

Same look in the dining cabin.

DSC09431 C Dining Room

When in Rajasthan………

DSC09434 C  DSC09436 CDSC09437 C  DSC09443 C

The Henna goes on like a thin line of chocolate frosting.  The dye colors the top layer of skin.  The longer you leave it on, the deeper the color.  The “frosting” dries and cracks off in an hour or so.  The tattoo lasts about a week.

DSC09444 C  Henna tattoo

Will tried his hand at Cricket. He was pretty good!

DSC09447 C


The most amazing attraction in this area is the Chand Baori in Abhaneri.  It is one of the oldest (possibly 9th century) and largest step wells in the world!

DSC09461 -3 C Stitch

13 stories deep with double flights of steps on three sides!  The 3,500 narrow steps go down 70 feet to a murky little pond.  I’d never even seen pictures of anything like this.  (I must have missed that issue of National Geographic!)  Imagine having to climb down and then back up with jugs of water!

DSC09460 C Abhaneri Step Well  DSC09467 C

Spot the people along the top railing to give you an idea of size.

DSC09471 C  DSC09468 C

DSC09470 C  DSC09479 C

Ancient carved “chunks” from other sites are displayed in archways.

DSC09465 C  DSC09475 C

DSC09482 C  DSC09476 C

There is also a Hindu shrine for worshippers.

DSC09459 C

DSC09474 C

Next to the step well is the Harshita Mata temple built in the 10 century.

DSC09493 C (2)

DSC09503 C  DSC09496 C

There is a turnstile gate to keep the livestock out.

Tons of decorated stones from this site and others surround the temple.

DSC09504 CDSC09506 CDSC09507 CDSC09508 C


In the tiny village of Abhaneri we visited a potter who made chai (tea) cups.

DSC09516 C  DSC09519 C

DSC09513 C  DSC09514 C

DSC09521 C  DSC09515 C

Now they are able to get clean water from a pipe.  Maybe not as picturesque as the Step Well but waaay easier and cleaner!


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3 Responses to Incredible India 6 – Rajasthan and the Abhaneri Step Well

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    What an interesting post. Thank Gracia. Those women must have been in good shape to go down to the well and back up with their jugs of water. It is amazing hese little places that exist that are so remote and so ancient. It’s hard to relate to such a different reality. Very worthwhile. I especially liked he little resort where you stayed.

  2. Louise Tochterman says:

    India is still on my bucket list! Your photos are fantastic. Thank You.

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