Incredible India 7 – More Rajasthan Countryside

We continued our tour of Rajasthan with a stop in Sikandra, a market town.

DSC09646 C (2)DSC09523 C Sikandra market stDSC09425 CDSC09525 CDSC09532 CDSC09529 CDSC09534 CDSC09533 CDSC09536 CDSC09543 CDSC09546 CDSC09545 C

Plenty of hustle and bustle going on here along with questionable safety issues ….

DSC09535 C  DSC09541 C

and plenty of ingenuity!

DSC09538 C  DSC09542 C

The countryside is pristine compared to town.  Fields and farms look neat and orderly.

DSC09644 C (2)DSC09548 C (2)DSC09549 C (2)DSC09550 C (2)DSC09552 C (2)DSC09553 C (2)DSC09453 CDSC09509 C2


We visited a village school where they sang for us and we sang for them!.

DSC09555 C Village schoolDSC09556 CDSC09558 CDSC09559 CDSC09557 C

Preschoolers also attend school with their older brothers & sisters when parents are working in the fields. 

DSC09563 C Coke delivery

After a hot dry day it was pure decadence to order a Coke.

We ended this day with another highlight of the trip – – – a camel trek to the near-by village.  These aren’t your average tourist camels.  These guys are usually doing farm work and they weren’t always pleased to kneel down to serve us!

DSC09566 CDSC09567 CDSC09569 CDSC09571 CDSC09576 CDSC09578 CDSC09580 CDSC09582 C

The people of this village are Bhil (tribal) Meena.  Years ago they were compelled to leave their native home and seek refuge in Rajputana after wars between their own tribes or with Muslims.  They live in traditional mud huts and farm the surrounding land.

Everyone came out to see the tourists and they entertained us with music and dancing. 

DSC09590 C

DSC09591 C  DSC09585 C

DSC09599 C  DSC09594 C

Embarrassingly, the dancer insisted we join in the dance!

DSC09600 C  DSC09601 C

DSC09602 C  DSC09603 C


DSC09615 C2  DSC09616 C

Then it was back to our resort before the sun set.

DSC09618 C

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