Incredible India 9 – Jaipur and the Amber Fort

Before there was Jaipur there was Amber (pronounced Amer).  Amber Fort is located about six miles from Jaipur.  Begun in 1592, moguls ruled from here until the capital was moved to Jaipur in 1727.  The Fort underwent improvements and additions by successive rulers over the next 150 years.

DSC09697 C1

Amber Fort looks over Maota Lake and it is stunning!

DSC09705 C

DSC09768 70 CStitch

You can arrive at the Fort by elephant! 

But our guide explained “there have been serious accidents when the elephants revolted”.  Our tour arrived in jeeps.

DSC09771 -2 C Stitch  DSC09818 C

DSC09814 C

The first courtyard is immense.  Moving deeper into the fort brings you through 3 more courtyards, each smaller than the last and more private.

DSC09726 -7 C Stitch

DSC09728 C DSC09710 C

DSC09720 -21 C Stitch DSC09718 C

DSC09724 -5 C2 Stitch

DSC09717 C DSC09731 C

DSC09737 C  DSC09732 -4 C Stitch

          DSC09740 C

DSC09741 C DSC09743 C

DSC09760 C  DSC09749 C

DSC09750 C  DSC09757 C

DSC09777 -8 C Stitch DSC09751 C

DSC09763 C DSC09779 C

DSC09800 C DSC09762

DSC09780 C  DSC09782 C

DSC09787 C  DSC09783 C

DSC09788 C DSC09793 C

DSC09804 C DSC09791 C


DSC09792 C    DSC09799 C

DSC09807 C DSC09806 C

Over 4000 tourists a day visit Amber Fort during the peak season.

                  DSC09765 -7 C Stitch 

DSC09808 C  Amber Fort was a trip highlight!


Across the street from our hotel in Jaipur was a lakeside park.  In the middle of the lake is the Jal Mahal (Water Palace).  Four of its five stories are under water when the lake is full! 

      DSC09894 C2

The park is a busy meeting place with families out for a stroll and people selling all sorts of trinkets and food.

DSC09893 C DSC09895 C

DSC09896 C DSC09899 C

DSC09905 C A pretty sight at night too.

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8 Responses to Incredible India 9 – Jaipur and the Amber Fort

  1. Joanne Crawford says:

    I loved this post, Gracia. The architecture of India is unbelievably beautiful . . . so intricate. You got some great photos!


  2. Catherine says:

    Do they issue scuba gear to the people staying on lower levels of the Jal Mahal? Sorry couldn’t resist.

  3. Well organized and well captured photos. I like your album for its series of pictures that is telling the whole story itself.

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