Incredible India 12 – Heading South

From Mysore we headed south and west toward the coast.

As our bus drove through the countryside we glimpsed more life of India.

DSC00135 C2

DSC00136 C2  DSC00137 C

DSC00138 C

DSC00141 C

This construction site made me nervous. 

DSC00143 C

DSC00147 C


The drive took us through the Bandipur National Park.  We were told we might see elephants…….

DSC00148 C2 Bandipur Nat Park

No such luck, just a buck! 

We saw monkeys and butterflies while we waited to get through a check point on the far side of the park.  We waited over an hour!

DSC00154 C

DSC00158 C2 DSC00166 C

DSC00162 C DSC00151 C Check point


We stopped for lunch at the Wynberg resort.  Cabins here are tucked into the woods.  There’s even a cabin in a tree!

DSC00177 C DSC00182 C

The main house is more modern.  The food was all pretty spicy here.

DSC00183 C    DSC00194 C

This is also a spice plantation and the owner gave us a tour.

DSC00193 C

DSC00196 CDSC00185 C Cocoa pod DSC00190 C

Banana, cocoa and pepper

There are tea plantations in this area also. 

DSC00205 C

DSC00201 C2 tea plantation  DSC00204 C 


The Windflower Spa and Resort at Wayanad Hill Station was one of the most upscale hotels on our trip.

DSC00229 C

DSC00228 C DSC00227 C

There were monkeys on the roof!

DSC00220 C DSC00219 C Windflower resort - Vythri

 DSC00223 C DSC00225 C

DSC00222 C

We could have used an extra day at this resort!

The next day we came down from the top of a mountain we didn’t even know we were on.  There was a dense fog but that didn’t stop tourists from trying to see the view.

DSC00237 C DSC00236 C

DSC00241 C (2) DSC00246 C

DSC00250 C DSC00252 C

After a major traffic jam we eventually arrived at our next stop.

 DSC00258 C

DSC00259 C DSC00264 C

We spent two nights at the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort.  The grounds were pretty and the cabins looked really cute.  They were actually pretty old on the inside – a come down from the last hotel!  But we enjoyed a needed day of rest … a vacation from our vacation.  In the morning we attended a talk about ayurvedic medicine and had the afternoon to ourselves.

DSC00280 C Kairali - Ayruvedic Healing Village    A welcoming coconut drink.

DSC00283 C

DSC00282 C DSC00284 C

DSC00285 C DSC00286 C

Then we were back on the road again….

DSC00297 C

DSC00298 C DSC00300 C

One more stop – a school of traditional dance.  Performers learn to move their eyes and the muscles in their faces to tell stories with their dances.

DSC00304 C DSC00306 C

DSC00310 C

DSC00307 C


P. S. – Huge billboards are everywhere advertising the good life….

DSC00324 C

DSC00325 C

DSC00326 C

DSC00331 C (2)

We never saw a neighborhood that looked like this.


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2 Responses to Incredible India 12 – Heading South

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    India certainly is a colorful country. I especially liked the pics of the bird and the butterfly. Lovely. Thanks again Gracia.

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