Sintra – Near Lisbon

3149 C Sintra

Another day trip from Lisbon is the town of Sintra.  I believe the whole town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

3237 C

According to Wikipedia, Sintra National Palace is the best preserved medieval Royal Palace in Portugal.  The earliest surviving part of the palace is the Royal Chapel, possibly built in the early 14th century.  Much of the palace dates from the early 15th century.  Additions were made over the years and it was restored in the 1940s.

   3192 C   3152 C

3158 C   3159 C

3164 C Sawn Room 

3165 C   3168 C

3171 C

               3175 C

3176 C Corn on the Cob Tiles  3173 C

         3178 C Stag Room

3179 C   3182 -3 C Stitch

          3181 C

                 3188 C Tiled Fountain Room

3190 C  3191 C

3187 C


The Pena National Palace stands on the top of a hill above Sintra.  This was my favorite.  It looks like it should be in a fairy tale. 

3207 -8 C Stitch

It started as a chapel.  Then a monastery was built in 1493 but it was destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake in 1755.

3223 C  3210 C

It stood in ruins until 1838 when it was acquired by King Ferdinand II.  He built the palace between 1842 and 1854.  In 1910 it was transformed into a museum.  Over time the colors of the façade faded to gray but the palace has been repainted and the original colors restored.

3196 C  3197 C

3198 C  3201 C

3203 C   3204 Palacio de Pena C

3206 C  3209 C


3211 -12 C Stitch

3213 C     3214 C2

3218 C   3216 C

3220 -21 C Stitch

  3222 C Palacio de Pena, Lisbon Cat There was a sweet palace cat too.


Castelo dos Mouros, Castle of the Moors, was built in the 8th to 9th century.   We enjoyed climbing all around these ruins.

3228 C

3226 C Church Ruins   3227 C

I think this was the ruins of the Chapel of São Pedro de Penaferrim.

3234 C  3230 C

3235 C  3240 C

3241 C  3242 C

3246 C  3245 C

          3247 C

Old cisterns

3249 C Cistern  3250 C

Not sure what room this used to be but there’s a sofa carved out of stone.

  3252 C

3231 C2 Castle Cat  A“purrfect” day in Sintra!

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2 Responses to Sintra – Near Lisbon

  1. Catherine says:

    My goodness what glorious photos! Except, of course, for those two strange looking people standing together on an overpass 😉 Your pictures have become so very good that words are scarcely needed except to set a general background.

    So so wish you would start sending piles of them to those stock photo websites — you know they pay actual hard cash when they use them! And the dear kitties … no photo-blog is ever quite complete without them!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, Catherine

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