Kotor, Montenegro – a hidden gem

The secluded Bay of Kotor, winding deep into Montenegro, is considered a fjord.  Mountains line the waterway to the ancient walled city of Kotor.  It was beautiful sailing into the bay in the early morning.

DSC02755 -7 C Stitch

We sailed past the tiny islands of St George and Our Lady of the Rocks.

DSC02732 C Bay of Kotor

St George was part of the fortifications of the Bay, protecting the area from ever being invaded.  The Rock (on the left) is the result of 500 years of rocks being dumped there.  The church was built in the 17th century and is used as a conference center today.

DSC02860 C Is of St George & OL of the Rocks

We sailed past the small town of Perast, hugging the base of the mountains.

DSC02739 C

DSC02750 C

See the rainbow?

At the end of the bay, Kotor is nestled at the base of a steep cliff.  It has never been damaged by war but has suffered several devastating earthquakes, the latest in 1979.  The city walls, almost 3 miles long, climb steeply up the cliff.  We did not walk these upper walls but we did see a few people from our ship make their way up.

DSC02829 C

DSC02759 C  DSC02760 C

The main town gate leads in to the Square of Arms.  It is lined with little cafes. 

DSC02765 C

DSC02766 C  DSC02820 C

The Bell Tower was once the location of the town pillory

DSC02762 C  DSC02767 C

There are views of the wall, zig-zagging up the mountain, from many places in town.  

DSC02768 C The Wall above Kotor

The old town is quite small and we enjoyed wandering through the little haphazard streets. 

DSC02771 C Cathedral of St Tryphon  DSC02777 C

DSC02778 C  DSC02783 C (2)

DSC02782 C (2)  DSC02785 C

DSC02788 C Town Band  DSC02792 -3 C Stitch

This was a treat, the town band marched by and stopped for a short concert on St Luke’s Square.  They played Souza band music!

DSC02794 C

DSC02799 C  DSC02784 C St Luke's

Little St Luke’s church is from the 12th century.

DSC02780 C St Luke's & St Nicholas (2)

St Nicholas Church, built in the early 20th century, was having a service.  We were able to catch a glimpse of the priests in their finery.

DSC02796 C

DSC02802 C  DSC02803 C St Nicholas

DSC02811 C  DSC02809 C

This tiny church, St Michael’s, was built at the end of the 14th century.

DSC02814 C

This is the Cats Museum of Kotor.  It gets awful reviews on trip advisor and the area smelled like a cat box so we did not go in!

DSC02806 C Cat Museum

Are these“docents” sleeping on the job or are they an escaped exhibit?

DSC02816 C

DSC02818 C  DSC02819 C

DSC02836 C

In mid-afternoon our ship sailed back through the winding Bay of Kotor, out to the Adriatic.  

DSC02839 C

DSC02862 C Verige Strait

DSC02865 C  Lovely afternoon light.

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5 Responses to Kotor, Montenegro – a hidden gem

  1. The scenery and architecture is breathtaking.

  2. gooddayrome says:

    Ciao Gracia & Will! This is just-in-time as we will be there next month! Thanks for the preview.

  3. Janet Freeman says:

    What a beautiful, unique place. I have never even heard of it. Thanks Gracia, for widening my world, once again.

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