The Hilltop Village of Eze, near Monaco

Our ship docked in Monaco.

DSC03291 C

DSC03292 -3 C Stitch

We walked into the city past the Opera House …..

DSC03295 -6 C Opera House Stitch 

and the famous Casino.   DSC03298 -9 C Casino Stitch

But, rather than tour here, we caught a bus for a 25 minute ride north to the medieval village of Eze, France.

DSC03302 C Eze on the hilltop

DSC03318 C  DSC03315 C

We climbed up the steep little streets to the Jardin Exotique at the very top of the village.  The garden was created after WWII and hugs the ruins of a chateaux.  Most of the plants are cacti and other succulents from around the Mediterranean.  The best part of the garden is the view of the Cote d’Azur. 

View from Eze C

We took our time walking back down the hill, peeking into shops.

DSC03305 C  DSC03307 C

DSC03308 C  DSC03309 C

DSC03311 C  DSC03333 C

Eze is pretty much a tourist village, with shops, art galleries, hotels and restaurants.  It’s often called a village-musee (museum village) because there are not many residents from the local area.  Wikipedia notes that Walt Disney spent time here!

DSC03334 C1  DSC03335 C

DSC03336 C  DSC03337 C

DSC03342 C  DSC03346 C

DSC03349 C  DSC03352 C

DSC03351 C Ham & Cheese crepe       When in France …

have a ham & cheese crepe!

After taking the bus back to Monaco we walked through Monaco-ville on our way back to the ship.

DSC03358 C  DSC03359 C

DSC03368 C

The palace is in this lovely neighborhood with wonderful views of the bay.

DSC03360 C Place du Palaise

DSC03361 -3 C2 Port Hercule Stitch

DSC03370 C  Here’s a closer view of the end of the marina where the Monaco car race takes place. 

Great weather and another great stop!


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6 Responses to The Hilltop Village of Eze, near Monaco

  1. gooddayrome says:

    What a fabulous weather day you had!

  2. That has to be the best value bus ride around – I paid €1 when I went in 2009!

  3. Janet Freeman says:

    How fun to seek these out of the way places and ride the buses!

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