Marseille, France

The next port on our fall cruise was Marseille.  We took a shuttle from the ship dock into the Old Port area of the city.

DSC03508 C

Le Panier, just north of the old port, is the oldest district of Marseille. 

DSC03372 C Le Panier Old Town

DSC03433 C  DSC03434 C

DSC03439 C  DSC03440 C

DSC03375 C  DSC03376 C Cathedrale Sainte Marie Majeure

As we walked through the neighborhood we caught glimpses of the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie-Majeure.

DSC03391 C

Founded in the 4th century and enlarged in the 11th, the Cathedral was completely rebuilt in the late 1800s. 

DSC03377 C

DSC03389 C  DSC03397 C

DSC03383 C  DSC03386 C

DSC03390 C

DSC03398 C

DSC03402 C

DSC03409 C  DSC03411 C

DSC03416 -18 C Stitch

The altar was saved from the earlier medieval cathedral.

DSC03424 C  DSC03426 C

DSC03427 C  DSC03428 C

DSC03442 C  DSC03445 C

DSC03447 C  DSC03449 C

We made our way back to the waterfront where we could see Notre-Dame de la Garde high on the hill above.

DSC03451 C

Luckily they have trams to take tourists to the top of the hill .

DSC03460 C

DSC03473 C Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde was consecrated in 1864.  The first church on this site was build in 1214.  It was replaced in the 15th century.  This new Basilica was built on foundations from a 16th century fort.  This is the highest point in Marseille.  (490 ft.) 

DSC03478 C  DSC03483 C

The statue of Madonna and Child is 27 feet tall and made of copper gilded with gold leaf.

DSC03487 C

It’s light and bright inside with lots more gold.

DSC03489 C  DSC03490 -2 C Stitch

The views from the hill are fabulous too.  Marseille is the 2nd largest city in France.    

DSC03481 C

DSC03485 C

DSC03496 C

DSC03500 C  We saw just a little bit of Marseille.  I think it’s worth a second visit!


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2 Responses to Marseille, France

  1. Jan Swanson says:


    I’ve just looked a a few of your photos, but you do a great job of capturing the beauty of buildings, flowers, etc. Great to see you 2 again after a few years! We need to make it happen soon!

    Jan Swanson

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