Alicante, Spain

DSC03865 -68 C Stitch (2)

Alicante is on the south east coast of Spain. 

DSC03784 - 86 C Stitch (2)

The port is conveniently right in the middle of town and the city has great beaches running along it’s shores.

DSC03861 C


DSC03854 C (2)

The Castle of Santa Barbara sits above the city on Mount Benacantil.   We took a Hop on-Hop off bus up to the top.

DSC03809 -11 C Stitch (2)

Great views!

DSC03775 -6 C Stitch (2)

DSC03787 -8 C1 Stitch (2)

We spotted the bull ring.

DSC03779 C (2)  DSC03778 C Bull ring (2)

DSC03782 C (2)

This castle is pretty barren except for the soldiers posted around the ramparts to defend against invaders.

DSC03774 C (2)  DSC03790 C (2)DSC03793 C (2)  DSC03792 C (2)

DSC03797 C (2)  DSC03795 C (2)

DSC03802 C (2)  DSC03800 C (2)

Here is a wall of pot shards found in excavations.

DSC03791 C (2)

DSC03804 C1 (2)

We hopped off the bus downtown to see the Mercado Central.

DSC03825 C

DSC03824 C  DSC03815 C

DSC03818 C  DSC03817 C

DSC03821 C  DSC03822 C

Then we stopped for lunch where we had a nice view of the Plaza de Luceros.

DSC03828 C Lunch View

Fried calamari, croquettes and potatas bravas.  This potatas bravas was home made potato chips with a tomato type sauce.  Different regions have there own styles.  My favorite was near Barcelona – fried cubed potatoes with more of an aioli sauce. 

DSC03826 C Croquette and Calimari  DSC03829 C1 Potatas Bravas - Chips

More pics of Plaza de Luceros.

DSC03830 C Plaza de Los Luceros  DSC03832 C

We walked past the Ayuntamiento (town hall).

DSC03859 C1 Town Hall  DSC03841 C

DSC03840 C

Inside there is a plaque showing how far from sea level different cities in Spain are.  Alicante, of course, is near “0”.

DSC03842 C Sea Level Measured fr here  DSC03843 C1

The Basilica of Santa Maria was built between 1721 and 1728.

DSC03847 C Basilica of Santa Maria  DSC03848 C

DSC03849 C  DSC03850 C

DSC03852 C  DSC03851 C

We wrapped up our visit with a stroll along the lovely Paseo Explanada de Espana.  It is paved with 6.5 million marble tiles.

DSC03837 C

DSC03835 C La Explanada de Espana  DSC03836 C

This beautiful day called for gelato!

DSC03860 C Gelato




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3 Responses to Alicante, Spain

  1. Jim and Mona says:

    Hi Gracia,

    Another great grouping of your pictures.

    What’s next?

    We are off to Port Townsend in the morning.

    Should be a little cooler.

    Take Care, Mona

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    Beautiful and interesting. I especially like the ‘guy’ in back of one of the soldiers; must be the commander giving instructions? Thanks again for the post Gracia.

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