Almeria, Spain

DSC03879 -82 C2 La Alcazaba Stitch

Almeria is on the south coast of Spain in the region of Andalucía.  The Alcazaba is a fabulous castle on a hill above the city.  It is the largest fortress built by the Moors in Spain.  

DSC03883 C  DSC03884 C

DSC03895 C  DSC03896 C La Alcazaba

DSC03897 C  DSC03898 C

We headed up to the castle before the temperature heated up.  It’s a climb but worth every step.  The first fort was built in 995 and was added on to and adapted over the years. Today the Alcazaba consists of two Islamic enclosures and a Christian castle.  This has been an archaeological site for many years.  The first systematic recording of the structures was done in 1953.  

In Islamic times there were streets and houses where these gardens are now.  A complex water supply network of wells with waterwheels, cisterns and channels has been excavated and preserved.

DSC03899 C  DSC03900 C

DSC03902 C  DSC03903 C

DSC03904 C  DSC03905 C

DSC03908 C  DSC03909 C

DSC03912 C  DSC03913 C

DSC03971 C  DSC03919 C

DSC03920 C  DSC03926 C

DSC03928 C  DSC03929 C

DSC03933 C

DSC03935 C  DSC03936 C

DSC03937 -8 C Stitch  DSC03939 C

DSC03967 C

An earthquake in 1487 caused a lot of damage and soon after, in 1489, Almeria fell to the Christians.  By the16th century better defenses were needed and a new castle was built over the Islamic palace.  Excavations continue and some areas were roped off.

DSC03945 C  DSC03950 C

DSC03952 -3 C La Alcazaba Stitch

DSC03954 C  DSC03955 C

DSC03962 C  DSC03966 C

DSC03968 C  DSC03969 C

DSC03970 C  DSC03972 C

We spent quite a lot of time wandering around the Alcazaba but we still had time to do some wondering through town. 

The Cathedral was originally a mosque.  It was destroyed in an earthquake in 1522 and rebuilt in 1524.

DSC03886 C the Cathedral

DSC03887 C  DSC03888 C

DSC03891 C  DSC03889 C

DSC03893 C  DSC03892 C

DSC03974 C  DSC03975 C

DSC03976 C  DSC03977 C

DSC03980 C  DSC03981 C Las Tiendas pedetrian street

DSC03985 C  DSC03983 C

DSC03986 C Santiago church  DSC03987 C Puerta Purchena

DSC03990 C  DSC03995 C Puerta del Mar

DSC03996 C  DSC03994 C

DSC03973 C  We were not quite as impressed with the city of Almeria compared to Alicante, but we would rank the Alcazaba near the top of all the castles we’ve visited.


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  1. Catherine McCabe says:

    Wow, thanks for the quadruple cat fix! Made my day 😉 along with all the beautiful pics of the castle which was really impressive.

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