El Puerto de Santa Maria and Cadiz, Spain

Our ship docked in Cadiz, Spain.  We spent a day in Cadiz on another cruise so this time we hopped on a ferry to cross the bay and visit El Puerto de Santa Maria.  Columbus sailed from this port on his second voyage to the Americas.

The town is smaller than Cadiz and is very easy to walk.  Not many tourists come here so it was a relaxing day.

The most interesting site is the Castle of San Marcos.  Built as a fortified church in the mid 1300s, it was constructed over the remains of a 10th-century Islamic mosque.

DSC04023 -25 C1 Stitch

DSC04004 C1 Castillo de San Marcos  DSC04005 C

DSC04006 C   DSC04012 C

Alfonso X of Castile ordered the building of the castle.

DSC04028 C  DSC04030 C

DSC04031 C  DSC04032 C

DSC04033 C  DSC04050 C

You can definitely see the Islamic influence inside.

DSC04035 C  DSC04038 C

DSC04039 C  DSC04037 C

DSC04041 C1  DSC04043 C

DSC04053 -4 C Stitch

DSC04049 C  DSC04051 C

DSC04057 C  DSC04059 C

DSC04062 C  DSC04064 C

DSC04065 C Sherry casks  DSC04066 C

At the end of the tour there was sherry tasting.  The Caballero winery is right next door and is part of the castle tour!  We met an English family on the tour and spent an interesting half hour drinking sherry and sharing travel stories.

Then, well fortified, we set off to walk around the town to see the other sites.

This is the Fuente de las Galeras.  Boats heading for South America would pick up water provisions here.

DSC04016 C  DSC04015 C

DSC04018 C  DSC04013 C


DSC04070 C  DSC04077 C Iglesia Mayor Prioral

Iglesia Mayor Prioral (the Priory Church) was built in the 1400s and rebuilt after an earthquake in the 1600s.

DSC04090 C  DSC04078 C

DSC04089 C Plaza Espana  Plaza de Espana

DSC04073 C  DSC04074 C potatas aioli

For lunch we tried another potato dish, this time with an aioli sauce.

Wandering through town we peeked into lots of interesting doorways.  These are very similar to what we’ve seen in Portugal, which is not very far from here.

DSC04075 C  DSC04071 C

DSC04081 C  DSC04088 C

DSC04079 C  DSC04076 C

DSC04080 C    DSC04083 C

We walked through the marcado (the city market) and stopped in to a kitschy bar.

DSC04085 C  DSC04092 C

DSC04093 C  DSC04091 C

DSC04095 C  DSC04098 C

This is the local bullring, Plaza de Toros, built in 1880.

DSC04100 C  DSC04102 C

DSC04101 C  DSC04103 C

DSC04105 C  DSC04106 C

DSC04104 C  DSC04107 C

DSC04108 C Palacio de Aranibar

Palacio de Aranibar is the mansion of a merchant trader to the Indies.  Now it’s the tourist information office.

DSC04009 C Palacio de Aranibar  DSC04109 C

DSC04132 C

After the ferry back to Cadiz we had time for a short walk before we boarded our ship.

  DSC04134 C  DSC04137 C

  DSC04141 -2 C Stitch  DSC04143 C1

DSC04145 C  DSC04147 C

DSC04144 C  DSC04146 C

DSC04138 -9 C Stitch

DSC04140 C  DSC04148 C

DSC04150 C  DSC04153 C

DSC04155 C

DSC04156 C

It was fun to see some familiar sites.  Click Cadiz, Spain to see pictures from our first visit here. 



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