The Amazon River – Manaus, Brazil

In the spring we took a cruise on the Amazon River.  We started in Manaus,  Brazil.  Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas in northern Brazil. 

DSC04560 -1 C Stitch

Manaus became a rich city in the late 1800 with the rubber industry. 

DSC04534 5 C1 Stitch

This is the Customs House on the port.

DSC04536 C  DSC04537 C

The rubber boom ended when seeds of the rubber trees were smuggled to Southeast Asia.  Manaus has been trying to recover ever since. 

DSC04539 C  DSC04540 C

DSC04543 C  DSC04544 C Cathedral

The Cathedral Metropolitana was getting some needed repairs.

DSC04546 C  DSC04547 C

DSC04550 C  DSC04551 -2 C Stitch

DSC04549 C  DSC04554 C

DSC04545 C  DSC04559 C

DSC04572 C  DSC04573 C

DSC04574 C   DSC04593 C

DSC04594 C

Manaus is located in the middle of the Amazon rain forest.  There are very few roads through the jungle or bridges across the river so travelers come by boat or air.  This busy port city is a supply center for villagers and travelers in the Amazon. 

DSC04563 C  DSC04567 C

DSC04590 -1 C Stitch  DSC04592 C

The Mercado Adolpho Lisboa, the central market founded in 1882, is right on the riverfront.  It is the city’s oldest market.

DSC04569 C Municipal Markets  DSC04570 C

DSC04577 C  DSC04580 C

DSC04582 C  DSC04583 C

DSC04584 C  DSC04585 C

DSC04587 C  DSC04588 C

DSC04605 C  DSC04599 C

DSC04601 C  DSC04602 C

DSC04604 C  DSC04611 C

DSC04608 C Brazil nuts  Brazil nuts in Brazil !

DSC04610 C  DSC04612 C

DSC04618 C  DSC04617 C

The top tourist attraction in Manaus is the Teatro Amazonas, the Opera House.  It was built to be a jewel in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.  Begun in 1885 and finished in 1896, cast iron, steel, glass, marble, tiles and the interior furnishings were all shipped from Europe for its construction.  It’s opulence was a taste of home for the transplanted Europeans.  Now it’s home to the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra. 

DSC04619 C Teatro Amazonas Opera House

DSC04657 C  DSC04628 C  DSC04629 C

DSC04633 C  DSC04634 -6 C Stitch

DSC04656 C  DSC04634 C  DSC04636 -7 C Stitch

DSC04645 C  DSC04643 C

DSC04647 C  DSC04649 C

DSC04650 C  DSC04651 C

There’s a pretty plaza across the street.  The tiles are a clue to Manaus’s Portuguese heritage.

DSC04620 C  DSC04621 C

DSC04624 C  DSC04622 C

Palacio Rio Negro was the home of a rubber baron of the 19th century.  Now it’s a cultural center for the city.

DSC04658 C Palacio Rio Negro

DSC04660 C  DSC04661 C

We could see the opera house and the cathedral from our ship.

DSC04664 C Opera House  DSC04665 C Cathedral

The reason we were here, of course, was to see the great Amazon River.  Manaus is where two rivers, the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes, come together.  This “meeting of the waters” forms the Amazon River.  The city of Manaus is situated on the bank of the Rio Negros, the dark water, because it provided inhabitants with clear water coming from the mountains.  The muddy brown waters of the Rio Solimoes flow into the Negro just past the town.  Our ship could not take on water from the river once we left Manaus until we were out to sea.

The two rivers run side by side without mixing for 3 to 4 miles.  It is thought to be because of the difference in the speed of the current, the volumes of water and the densities of each river.

DSC04677 C  DSC04689 C Meeting of the Waters

DSC04691 C

DSC04700 C  DSC04701 C

DSC04702 C  DSC04705 C

DSC04706 C

WP_20150317_010 C

From here the Amazon River runs for almost 900 miles to the Atlantic.  We spent the next 4 days cruising down the river.

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3 Responses to The Amazon River – Manaus, Brazil

  1. Catherine McCabe says:

    Hi Gracia,

    What a fascinating city that seems to be in transition but has managed to hold on to what’s worthy of its past. What ship were you on and would you recommend it? Cat

    • Will says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I’ll reply for Gracia. We were on the Seabourn Quest … BY FAR the best ship we’ve experienced. Everything about the Quest’s spaces, staff and food were great. You can call if you want to learn more. Say hi to Steven.

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    What beautiful buildings! Very interesting how the two rivers run side by side without mixing for some time. Thanks again for supplying us with education and beautiful places on our planet.

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