Barbados and its capital, Bridgetown

DSC04980 Bathsheba Beach C

Barbados was the second island stop on our cruise last spring.  We took a scenic drive tour so we could see more of the island.

DSC04987 C  DSC04989 C

Bathsheba is on the east (Atlantic) coast of Barbados.  The ocean is rougher on this side and it’s popular with surfers.

DSC04992 C

St. John’s Church, built in 1836, is perched 185 feet above sea level.  The original church was built in 1660 but it was destroyed in a hurricane in 1831.

DSC05040 C  DSC05011 -2 Stitch C1

DSC05029 -30 Stitch C

Not sure what this odd flowering tree is.

DSC05019 C  DSC05018 C

DSC05025 C

DSC05026 C  DSC05028 C

DSC05033 -4 Stitch C

The pulpit is constructed of six different types of wood.

DSC05032 C  DSC05035 C

DSC05036 C  DSC05038 C

Sunbury House is in the southeast corner of the island.  Originally built around 1660, it has been restored to the 18th and 19th centuries.  The sugar plantation was sold in 1981 and the house was opened to the public in 1984.  It suffered a terrible fire in 1995 and was restored and reopened in 1996.  The walls of the house are 2 to 6 inches thick which have helped it survive many hurricanes.

DSC05042 Sunbury House C  DSC05043 C

DSC05044 C  DSC05070 C

DSC05047 C  DSC05071 C

Much of the furniture was made from local mahogany.

DSC05068 C

DSC05054 C  DSC05048 C

DSC05057 -8 Stitch C  DSC05059 C

DSC05061 C  DSC05062 C

DSC05067 C

DSC05066 C  DSC05065 C

Old Iceboxes in the cellar.

DSC05072 C

DSC05075 C  DSC05073 C

DSC05076 C with Lyn & Harvey

Here’s a pic of me with our travel companions, dear friends from Australia. 

The bus dropped us off back in Bridgetown on the southwest Caribbean side of the island.  We did some touring on our own. 

DSC05077 Carlisle Bay Beach C

The beach at Carlisle Bay had wonderful fine powdery sand.

DSC05080 C

We walked back to the center of Bridgetown and waited for the bridge to open and close.  There’s lots of small boat traffic here.

DSC05083 C  DSC05087 C

DSC05084 C

DSC05088 Lord Nelson C

Lord Nelson’s statue was erected in 1813, 30 years before the famous memorial in London.

The Cathedral Church of St. Michaels and All Angels was also rebuilt after being destroyed in a hurricane.

DSC05090 C  DSC05091 C

The Parliament Buildings have been home to the Barbados legislature since 1860.

DSC05082 Bridbetown, Barbados C  DSC05089 St Michael's C

DSC05095 Parliament C  DSC05096 C

DSC05094 C

We finished with a walk along a colorful street.

DSC05102 C  DSC05104 C

Back on the ship we were served fruits and caviar!

WP_20150324_007 C1


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6 Responses to Barbados and its capital, Bridgetown

  1. Anisa says:

    I love Barbados! I spent a week there a few years ago but we did mostly breach and nature activities so it’s interesting to see the historical/ architectural stuff. Did you get to try flying fish while you were there? I really enjoyed it.

    • graciamc says:

      Thanks for your comments. We did not get to try flying fish. One of the negatives of cruise stops is that they are too short – sort of a tasting menu of places you may like to return to.

  2. sungoddess says:

    The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown.

  3. Janet Freeman says:

    Beautiful scenery and the mahogany furniture is so elegant.

  4. Janet Freeman says:

    Great pics Gracia and I really like the mahogany furniture. It is so beautiful. Thanks for the post.

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