Castries, Saint Lucia

DSC05106 C (2)

Castries is the capitol of Saint Lucia.  This sheltered harbor town has few historical buildings due to two devastating fires that swept through it in 1948 and 1951.

 DSC05168 Castries C

Our bus tour gave us a quick drive past the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, built in the 1800s.

DSC05111 C  DSC05112 C (2)

Then we were off and up this hill to see St Mark’s, a colonial family home built in 1887 and rebuilt in 1942

DSC05179 C  DSC05182 C

DSC05113 St Mark's home C

DSC05120 C  DSC05118 C

DSC05114 C  DSC05115 C

DSC05119 C  DSC05126 C

There was a fabulous view of the harbor.  Our ship is the small one.

WP_20150325_001 -2 C Stitch

We next visited a Batik factory in a pretty building with another lovely view.

DSC05135 C (2)  DSC05134 Caribelle Batik C

DSC05143 C  DSC05136 C

DSC05139 -40 Stitch C

More views on the bus ride around the island.

DSC05166 C  DSC05141 C

DSC05144 C  DSC05145 C

DSC05147 C

And then a tour through a rum distillery.

DSC05146 Rum tasting C  DSC05148 C

DSC05151 C  DSC05152 C

DSC05156 C  And, of course, tasting!

Marigot Bay was used as a setting for the movies Doctor Doolittle and Superman 2.

DSC05158 C  DSC05157 Marigot Bay C

Back on the ship we watched the other ship leave….

DSC05167 C  DSC05178 C

then it was our turn.  We sailed past the end of the airport runway.  Must be an exciting take off from here!

DSC05201 C

DSC05190 C  The sun sets in St. Lucia and we are on our way to the next port.


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One Response to Castries, Saint Lucia

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Nice buildings and I like the batik fabrics; very pretty

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