Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Gaspe

DSC06260 C

Gaspe is located on the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula in eastern Quebec.  Wikipedia says it is known for high gusts of wind.  True to that, it was cold and windy when we arrived.  What looks like snow in the picture above is actually choppy water!

This is a small port so we took a ship’s tender to the dock.

WP_20151008_10_25_55_Pro C

You can see our ship out in the distance.

WP_20151008_10_40_12_Pro C

DSC06254 C

DSC06244 C

Gaspe has a nice waterfront walk.  Parts are under construction. The town is preparing for more tourists to visit in the future.

DSC06245 C

In June of 1534, Jacques Cartier claimed Gaspe for France.  The indigenous tribe that lived in this area were the Mi’kmaq. 

  DSC06246 C

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In 1934 this monolithic granite cross was erected for the 400th anniversary of Cartier’s arrival in Gaspe.  It is 32 feet high and weighs more than 42 tons!  It was cut from a block of gray granite extracted in the Portneuf region, on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence river.

DSC06250 C

The small town of Gaspe has a few shops and restaurants.  I bought a pair of earmuffs and used them immediately.

DSC06252 C  WP_20151008_11_16_12_Pro C

We spotted these unusual flavors of potato chips in the local market.  I think these would sell in the states!

DSC06253 C

We had extra time before the next tender so we stopped into Tim Horton’s for a doughnut, coffee and cocoa.  This is more popular than Starbucks for Canadians.  I can see why!

DSC06560 C


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3 Responses to Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Gaspe

  1. I enjoyed Tim Horton in Dubai but had never heard of it before. Is it a Canadian company?

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    Thanks for another peek into a part of our planet I have not seen Gracia. Those chips look delicious.

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