Charming Prince Edward Island

In the fall of 2007 we visited Prince Edward Island by car.  These are pictures from that trip.  We drove through the rolling farm lands and explored the coast on an easy day’s drive from Charlottetown. 

0515 -6 Stitch C

By the way, even though PEI is an island, you can drive to it.  In June 1997 the Confederation Bridge connected the island to New Brunswick.  This is the  world’s longest bridge over ice-covered waters.

0378 Confederation Bridge C


0428 C

0431 C

0436 C

0437 -8 Stitch C

0435 C  0439 C

0440 C  0445 C

The coastline of PEI is made up of beaches, dunes and red sandstone cliffs.

It is the high iron concentration, which oxidizes upon exposure to the air, that gives the soil it’s red color. 

0443 C

0454 C  0464 C

0452 C  0455 C

0441 C  0446 C

Dunelands is one of a number of popular hiking trails on PEI.

0447 -8 Stitch C

0456 C  0457 C

0458 C  0460 C

0467 Greeen Gables C

One of PEI’s claims to fame is Anne of Green Gables.  Green Gables is the name of a 19th-century farm in Cavendish, just 25 miles from Charlottetown.  It was owned by the MacNeill family who were cousins of the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery.  She visited the farm as a young girl and based the stories in her books on the farm in the late Victorian Era, taking inspiration from the house and the surrounding area.

The house was designated a National Historic Site in 1985 and is now part of the Prince Edward Island National Park.

0471 Greeen Gables C

0505 Greeen Gables C  0466 Greeen Gables C

0468 Greeen Gables C  0479 Greeen Gables C

0507 Greeen Gables C  0506 Greeen Gables C

Having read all the books, this was a must see for me!

0472 Greeen Gables C  0473 Greeen Gables C

0477 Sewing Room C  0475 Ann's Bedroom C

Besides touring the house and grounds it was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods.

0482 C0486 C0491 C0492

0509 -10 C1 Stitch

0508 C  0517 C

0514 C

0521 C  0523 C

These pictures are only a sliver of the lovely pastoral landscape that gives Prince Edward Island its charm.

0466 Greeen Gables C Sq

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3 Responses to Charming Prince Edward Island

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    It is lovely on PEI Gracia. I especially like the coast line. I had forgotten that Anne of Green Gables came from the author’s experience in that house. What fun to go through it. Another excellent tour – thanks.

  2. Very enjoyable. I have not been here but your article shows just what a beautiful place this is and I definitely wouldn’t pass up a chance to visit this lovely island!

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