Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney is located at the easternmost tip of Cape Breton Island, a part of Nova Scotia.  Although it was sunny and clear on the day we docked here, it was cold and very windy.  With a map available from the Visitors Center at the port we took off to do our own walking tour.  Several sites from Sydney’s earliest days were very close by.

DSC06357 C  DSC06356 C

The world’s largest fiddle was constructed here in 2005 as a tribute to the area’s traditional Scottish music.

Saint Patrick’s, dating from 1828, is the oldest Roman Catholic church on Cape Breton.  It is now a museum. 

DSC06311 C

The hand carved wooden ceiling resembles the hull of a boat.

DSC06305 -8 Stitch C

DSC06309 C  DSC06310 C

DSC06312 C  DSC06313 C

DSC06330 C

The Jost House is one of the oldest wooden buildings in town.  It was first built in 1786 and added on to over the years.  It got its name when Thomas Jost, a Halifax merchant, bought the house in 1836.  It remained in the family until 1971.

DSC06319 C  DSC06320 C

The cellar kitchen is from the original 18th century house.  Notice the beehive bake oven – the square hole in the brick wall. 

The upstairs main floor is done in the Victorian era.

DSC06314 C  DSC06315 C

DSC06321 C

One of the bedrooms displays vintage clothing.

DSC06324 C  DSC06326 C

DSC06329 C

The Cossit House is just down the street.  It was built in 1787 by the first Anglican minister to live in Cape Breton. 

DSC06332 C

Rev. Ranna Cossit and his wife, Thankful, raised 10 children here.  Thankful died during the birth of their 13th child at the age of 47.  The house was lived in by members of the family until 1975.  It is now restored to its late 18th century appearance with period furnishings.

DSC06334 C  DSC06336 C

DSC06337 C

DSC06340 C  DSC06339 C

Sydney’s oldest building is St Georges Church.  It was constructed in 1784 as a Garrison Church before being used as a Parrish Church.  It has been restored several times.

DSC06354 C  DSC06345 C

DSC06350 C  DSC06346 C

DSC06353 C

DSC06343 C  DSC06342 C

What the pictures can’t show is the cold and wind!  I’m afraid we gave up and headed back to the ship early.  So this was just a tiny taste of the charms of Sydney.

DSC06322 C


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One Response to Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Sydney, Nova Scotia

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    I am so glad I saved this until I had time to enjoy it. I am a great fan of different styles of architecture and I did so enjoy the houses and the churches. Thanks for the splendid explanation to go with the pictures Gracia. Very nice.

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