Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Halifax and Peggy’s Cove

Our ship docked in Halifax last fall and we headed off for a day trip.  We rented a car and drove 26 miles southwest, from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove.  Located at the mouth of St Margaret’s Bay, Peggy’s Cove was first settled by local fishermen and their families in 1811. 

DSC06392 C

DSC06361 C Peggy's Cove

The Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, built in 1914, replaced a community lighthouse from 1868.  It is 44 feet tall with a fully automated 400 watt light.

DSC06362 C

They are pretty serious about the danger of slipping off the rocks.

DSC06370 C

DSC06367 C  DSC06363 C

WP_20151011_004 C

It was cold and windy out there!

DSC06371 -2 Stitch C

DSC06374 C  DSC06376 C

DSC06373 C

DSC06377 C

St. John’s Anglican Church built in 1885.

DSC06386 C  DSC06387 C

DSC06393 C  DSC06394 C

DSC06396 C

Back in Halifax ….

Halifax, founded in 1749, was one of the first English settlements in Canada.  It is also the capital of Nova Scotia.  It has a natural harbor that extends 16 miles inland. 

DSC06413 C

Halifax was almost destroyed on Dec 6, 1917 when a French munitions ship, the Mont Blanc, collided with a steamer in the Halifax Harbor.  This caused a fire which ignited the munitions.  The explosion blew the Mont Blanc to pieces and sent the steamer onto the shore, leveling part of the city and killing over 2,000 people.

DSC06358 C

Province House is the oldest legislative building in Canada.  Nova Scotia’s legislative assembly has met here since 1819.

0752 Halifax City Hall C   0753 C

Halifax City Hall

0754 St Paul's Church C

St Paul’s, built in 1750, is the oldest Protestant church in Canada. 

DSC06401 C

Art near the waterfront and the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market.

DSC06402 C

DSC06398 C1

Lighthouse in the Halifax Harbor

The Canadian Museum of Immigration is located at Pier 21, near where our ship docked.  This restored historic site was Canada’s “Ellis Island”, where 1.5 million immigrants passed through from 1928 to 1971.  Millions of Canadian citizens trace their family’s entry through this port at Halifax. 

DSC06379 C

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8 Responses to Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Halifax and Peggy’s Cove

  1. Patricia Kach says:

    Love the picture of you, Gracia, with the windblown hair and great smile.

  2. Mona and Jim says:

    Beautiful pictures, just like we saw it a year ago…so much history to take in.

  3. Catherine McCabe says:

    You look like a windblown glamour girl in your dark sun glasses. Love it!

  4. Janet Freeman says:

    What a nice looking Farmer’s Market in Halifax. Thanks again for a nice ‘tour’ Gracia.

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