A Second Look at Funchal, Madeira

Madeira was the first stop on our cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Spain this past spring.  We also stopped at this island in the fall of 2012.  You can see pictures from that trip here: Madeira.  On that visit we took a van tour of the island and had only a little time in the city of Funchal.  This time we decided to spend the day in town.

We thought the rain had passed so we were surprised by a sudden downpour.  Too bad we left our umbrellas on the ship!  We stayed fairly dry by ducking into shops and doorways during the worst of it.  The day stayed gray with intermittent mist.

DSC07208 C   DSC07204 C Se Cathedral

This is the Se Cathedral, the Cathedral of Funchal, built at the end of the 15th century.

DSC07256 -7 Stitch C2 Se Cathedral

Our walk toward the east side of town took us past this small river.  There are several similar rivers that cut through the city on their way to the sea. 

DSC07211 C Ribeira Joao

Our goal was the City Market and the old town.

DSC07235 C Mercado dos Lavradores

The market is built around an open courtyard – a bit wet on this day.

DSC07216 C

DSC07215 C DSC07214 C

Walking farther east we came to the passenger gondolas.  These cable cars travel up the mountain to the Botanical Gardens which overlook Funchal.  We decided to save this for another trip and better weather.  The garden was in the fog most of the day.

 DSC07218 C 2

There are lots of little restaurants and artistic doorways in this part of town.

DSC07220 C

DSC07221 C 

DSC07222 C DSC07225 C

DSC07223 C

See the little cable car (even with the lamp) in this picture below?

DSC07227 C DSC07228 C

DSC07230 C  DSC07234 C

DSC07226 C Corpo Santo Chapel

The small Corpo Santo Chapel is from the 15th century.

I love how they incorporated the old façade onto this modern building.

DSC07239 C2 DSC07238 C2

DSC07240 -41 C 2 Stitch  DSC07243 C

DSC07249 -50 Stitch C

Back in the center of town we walked through the Praca do Municipo.  We came through here on our previous visit. 

DSC07246 C Praca do Municipio DSC07245 C

DSC07247 C DSC07255 C

Wonderful Portuguese style stones pave almost every street and walkway.

DSC07258 C  DSC07259 -60 Stitch C

And a peek inside a doorway finds tiled walls.

DSC07261 C  DSC07262 C

 DSC07265 C  DSC07266 C

DSC07268 C  DSC07267 C2

DSC07264 C

These turtles were desperately trying to sun themselves on this cloudy day.

DSC07263 C


DSC07269 C2

DSC07272 C  DSC07270 -71 C Stitch Jardim de Sao Francisco

I remembered this pretty park in the middle of downtown.  This time it was all abloom since it was spring.  Maybe the same swans swimming? 

DSC07277 CDSC07280 CDSC07273 CDSC07274 CDSC07276 CDSC07279 CDSC07278 CDSC07275 C

DSC07282 C

DSC07288 C

DSC07289 C  Once again, farewell Funchal.


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6 Responses to A Second Look at Funchal, Madeira

  1. Lovely Gracia. I really like the painted doors and the stand with the petunias displayed on it. I wonder how they get those big trees to grown without buckling the sidewalk? Thanks again for a lovely tour.

    • graciamc says:

      Good question, Janet. I expect they do have to reset the tiles once in awhile. It probably works better than the way cement type pavement breaks up.

  2. Catherine McCabe says:

    And the two darling cats — every city needs those 😉

  3. Fantastic site! I came across your articles about your visit to Spain, and had to stop and read. I lived there for several years, and I have dual United States and Spain citizenship. It is a special place to me, and you captured it wonderfully. Right now we are living in Napa Valley, California, so I can’t complain, but I miss Spain. Check out our California wine country blog: http://www.topochinesvino.com and follow us if you like what you see.

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