Santiago de Compostela – more than the Cathedral

My last blog was about the main feature of Santiago, the Cathedral.  In this blog I will share some other sites of the city.

Just south of the Cathedral is the pretty Praza de Fonseca.  The University of Santiago’s Library is here.

DSC08184 C Praza de Fonseca (600x450)

DSC08021 C (600x450)  DSC08193 C (450x600)

DSC08018 C University Library (450x600)  DSC08188 C (450x600)

DSC08192 C (600x450)  DSC08187 C (450x600)

DSC08019 C (600x450)  DSC08189 -91 Stitch C (460x600)

DSC08057 C (600x450)

DSC08194 C (450x600)  DSC08195 C (450x600)


A few blocks east of the Cathedral is the City Market.

DSC08032 C (600x450)  DSC08040 C (450x600)

DSC08033 C (600x450)  DSC08031 C Market (600x450)

DSC08236 C (450x600)  DSC08034 C (600x450)

DSC08036 C (600x450)  DSC08037 C (600x450)

DSC08038 C (600x450)  DSC08039 C (600x450)

DSC08042 C1 (450x600)  DSC08044 C (600x450)

DSC08235 C (600x450)  DSC08240 C (450x600)


Around the corner from the market is Praza de Cervantes.

DSC08046 C Praza de Cervantes (600x450)

DSC08241 C1 (450x600)  He was sprouting a floral collar.


Alameda is a large park on a hill west of the historic town.

DSC08135 C Alameda park (600x450)

It’s an easy walk up the hill for a good view of the Cathedral.

DSC08140 C (600x450)

DSC08141 C (600x450)

DSC08139 C (600x450)  DSC08146 C (450x600)

Igrexa de Susana, a small church in the center of the park, was boarded up.

DSC08153 C (600x450)  DSC08147 C (600x450)

DSC08144 C (600x450)

DSC08155 C (600x450)  DSC08156 C (450x600)

I had to look this woman up….Rosalia Castro was a Spanish romanticist writer and poet.


DSC08160 C (600x450)

DSC08161 C (600x450)  DSC08158 C (450x600)

DSC08159 C (450x600)  DSC08165 C (600x450)

DSC08166 C (600x450)  DSC08162 C (450x600)

DSC08167 C (600x450)

DSC08169 C (450x600)  DSC08170 C (600x450)

DSC08171 C (600x450)


Walking east of the historic area…

DSC08199 C (600x450)  DSC08200 C (600x450)

DSC08202 C (600x450)  DSC08203 C (450x600)

The Museo do Pobo Galego  is a museum of Galician heritage and culture.  The museum building is a restored monastery with cloisters and church, Igrexa de San Domingos de Bonaval

    DSC08204 C Museum of the Galician People (600x450)

DSC08205 C (600x450)  DSC08224 C (600x450)

           DSC08210 C (600x450)

WP_20160408_004 C boat building (600x338)  WP_20160408_005 C (600x338)

DSC08209 C (600x450)  DSC08211 C (450x600)

These are dioramas of Galician life.

WP_20160408_001 -3 C Museum diarama (600x185)

WP_20160408_009 C (600x338)  WP_20160408_008 C (600x338)

This is the lovely, now stark, sanctuary.

DSC08214 16 Stitch C Igrexa de San Domingos de Bonaval (475x600)  DSC08220 C (450x600)

DSC08219 C (450x600)  DSC08217 C (600x450)

DSC08213 C (600x450) A 3 sided music stand.

         DSC08226 C (600x450) 

         DSC08227 C (600x450)

DSC08228 C (450x600)  DSC08229 C (450x600)  DSC08230 C (450x600)

A wonderful triple helical staircase.

DSC08206 C (600x450)  DSC08207 C (600x450)

WP_20160408_007 C (600x338)  DSC08223 C (450x600)


We could see the Cathedral from our apartment.

WP_20160406_046 C view fr hotel (600x338)

Not much to look at from the outside

DSC08178 C Our hotel (600x450)  DSC08177 Entrance to our hotel (450x600)

but a great rooftop location with a kitchen.

WP_20160406_044 C (338x600) WP_20160406_045 C (600x338) WP_20160406_043 C (338x600)

DSC08181 C (600x450)  DSC08272 C (310x600)

Santiago de Compostela was a wonderful stop!


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7 Responses to Santiago de Compostela – more than the Cathedral

  1. Mary Holm or Art Baldwin says:

    Beautiful pictures, Gracia! Was it a college graduation day? Wondering about the robes and colorful ribbons.



    • graciamc says:

      Thanks, Mary. I have no idea why the robes were being worn. We didn’t see any others. We thought it was unusual to have the ribbons and medals on the back.

  2. Alison says:

    Some scary looking seafood 😉

  3. Catherine McCabe says:

    If they were smart, one of these city’s tourist boards would hire you on the spot to promote them! You do such a fantastic job of making them eat come alive 😉

  4. Catherine McCabe says:

    Sorry, I must be thinking of food — meant to type “each”, not “eat!” What a dummy …

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