Kimberly Crest House in Redlands, CA

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Kimberly Crest House was built in 1897 by one of the pioneers of Redlands, Mrs. Cornelia Hill.  John Kimberly, a founder and President of Kimberly-Clark Paper Company, had been coming to Redlands to escape Wisconsin winters since 1899.  In 1905 he bought the home from Mrs. Hill to move permanently to CA for his retirement.  It is over 7,000 sq. feet

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Mrs. Kimberly renovated the house and added the Italian gardens.  They were designed by G. Edwin Bergstrom, a prominent Los Angeles architect and son-in-law of the Kimberlys.

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The fountain was part of the original 1897 landscaping.

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Kimberly family members continued to live in the home until 1979.  Mary Shirk, the widowed youngest Kimberly child, moved to Redlands in 1920 to be with her aging parents.  She bequeathed the mansion and the estate of 6.25 acres to the people of Redlands.  The Kimberly-Shirk Association preserves the estate and provides outreach and educational programming besides public tours of the home three days a week.

It’s a lovely house but no photos are allowed inside.

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The Carriage House is now the gift shop.

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We enjoyed wandering through the gardens.

DSC07092 C (600x450)DSC07073 C (600x450)  DSC07091 C (450x600)DSC07093 C (450x600)  DSC07083 C (600x450)

“Grandmother’s Sweetheart Garden” 

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The “Shy Girl” is carved out of marble.

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DSC07058 C (600x450)

The view of the San Bernardino Valley.

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If you are near Redlands, CA, (it’s between L.A. and Palm Springs) the Kimberly-Crest House is worth a stop!

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  1. Susan Shanafelt says:

    I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for the tour

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  2. Catherine McCabe says:

    So when are you and Will moving in? Think there’s probably enough room for your children and grandchildren too 😉

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