Cefalu, Sicily – “Che-fa-loo”, accent on “fa”

Cefalu is a great side trip from Palermo.  It’s about an hour train ride, traveling east along the northern coast of Sicily.   

DSC03752-3 Stitch C

La Rocca, a huge rock, overlooks Cefalu.  It was the site of an Arab citadel and then, in 1061, a Norman castle.  Some castle ruins can still be seen. 

La Rocca was also the home of a race of giants, said to be Sicily’s first inhabitants.  Someone else will have to climb up there to prove that…

DSC03682 C

We spent the day down in the picturesque town.

DSC03683 CDSC03681 CDSC03684 CDSC03686 CDSC03685 CDSC03687 CDSC03691 CDSC03688 CDSC03689 CDSC03690 CDSC03693 CDSC03692 CDSC03700 CDSC03701 CDSC03702 C

Here’s a smart sized vegetable delivery van!

DSC03703 C

The Duomo of Cefalu was built by Roger II (of Palermo’s Cappella Palatina fame) to be a reminder of his power across the island. 

DSC03708 C

DSC03730 C

DSC03709 C

DSC03715 C

This Duomo is also is filled with 12th century Byzantine mosaics, the oldest on Sicily. 

DSC03721 C

DSC03716 C

It is believed that the 16 columns came from the Temple of Diana on La Rocca.

DSC03717 C

DSC03723 C  DSC03719 C

DSC03720 C

DSC03727 C  DSC03724 C

DSC03722 C  DSC03725 C

DSC03726 C

The Bishop’s Palace is next door.

DSC03728 Bishop's Palace C

DSC03710 C

DSC03711 C

I love the name of this restaurant – “I am pizza”.

DSC03734 CDSC03735 CDSC03733 CDSC03736 C  DSC03694 CDSC03737 C  DSC03740 CDSC03741 C  DSC03739 C

DSC03743 Medievale wash house C 

The Lavatoio is a cluster of 16th century wash basins built over a spring.

DSC03744 Cefalu beach C 

We came through this arch and there was the beach!

DSC03749 C

The crescent shaped Spiaggia di Cefalu is one of the most popular beaches on Sicily.

DSC03752 C

We had lunch on a side street in front of the Church of Santa Maria and next to the Bastian of Cape Marchiafava.

DSC03757 Church of Santa Maria C

  DSC03758 C

DSC03761 C

Great views up and down the coast.

DSC03762 C

Here are a few more sites from Cefalu.…

For car fanciers….

DSC03756 C

For cat fanciers….

DSC03764 CDSC03767 C  DSC03765 C

DSC03766 C

For pastry fanciers….

DSC03770 C

For door fanciers….

DSC03771 C

and for window fanciers….

DSC03777 C

DSC03773 C  DSC03775 C

DSC03774 C

There’s something for everyone in Cefalu!

DSC03755 C

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6 Responses to Cefalu, Sicily – “Che-fa-loo”, accent on “fa”

  1. Catherine says:

    I remember your fondness for doors so Cefalu must have been heaven for you … plus all the cats which make it heaven for me! Cefalu seems the kind of place where one could settle in for a week or two with no trouble. Like the fact it’s pretty much off the beaten path as well. The two of you manage to go on the most interesting and fun tours — I’m envious but at least we all get to share via your wonderfully put together travel blogs!

  2. Heide says:

    SWOOOON! What gorgeous photos — and what wonderful descriptions to accompany them! Thank you for teaching me how to say “Cefalu,” and for introducing me to this gorgeous little slice of heaven. Marvelous post!

  3. Mona Stage says:

    I lover your door photos!

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