Agrigento, Sicily

Agrigento is the home of the Valley of the Temples.  The Valley isn’t really a valley … it’s a ridge outside of Agrigento, near the west coast of Sicily.  These ruins are from one of the wealthiest Greek colonies, a thriving democracy 2500 years ago.  

First we visited Agrigento’s Archaeological Museum.   It is one of the most important museums in Italy, with impressive exhibits covering the history of the city from the earliest human settlement.

DSC04307 Archeological museum C

Our guide for the day was Professor Michael.  He helped us appreciate what we were seeing – many of these items are close to 3000 years old.

 DSC04313 Our guide Prof Michael CDSC04314 C DSC04315 CDSC04316 CDSC04317 C DSC04318 CDSC04319 earliest pots - three leg dign CDSC04321 C DSC04322 CDSC04324 C DSC04327 CDSC04331 CDSC04333 CDSC04334 CDSC04335 Rarest pot with white background CDSC04337 C

These are 5th to 6th century BC gutter spouts.

DSC04340 Lion gutter spout CDSC04341 C

Masks from the 6th century BC

DSC04343 C

DSC04344 C

DSC04351 C

The largest item in the museum is an 8-meter-tall Telamon (a supporting statue) from the temple of Zeus.

DSC04345 8m tall telamon from temple of Zeus C

More Telamon heads

DSC04348 Telamon heads CDSC04349 C

Models of the Temple of Zeus, the largest Greek temple ever uncovered.  More on this temple in my next post.

DSC04350 Temple of Zeus CDSC04352 CDSC04353 CDSC04354 roof tile from Temple of Zeus CDSC04355 C

Statue of a young soldier from 480 BC

DSC04358 C

White marble Aphrodite bathing from 2nd to 1st century BC

DSC04360 Aphrodite bathing 2nd - 1st C BC C

2nd century AD white marble imperial bust, possibly the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

DSC04361 possibly Hadrean 2nd C AC C

DSC04368 small items burried CDSC04369 C

Baby bottle

DSC04371 baby bottle C


DSC04366 Sarcophagus C

DSC04370 CDSC04372 CDSC04375 child's sarcophagus C DSC04376 CDSC04374 C DSC04377 CDSC04378 C 

Just outside the museum building is the Bouleuterion, where the city council met.

DSC04380 Greek Govt symposium C

Before we visited the temples, we took a break for lunch at a local cafeteria.

DSC04385 Lunch CDSC04386 CDSC04387 CDSC04388 Couscous & Bean salad C

Pretty good for fast food!

Next post…we visit the Greek temple ruins of Agrigento.

DSC04384 C


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