Trains, a Plane and an Automobile – Plus 4 More – a Day Circling Seattle

Let’s take a break from Sicily for a week.  I want to share what Will does to keep his travel planning skills in shape!

20180606_194018527_iOS C2

We caught a bus around 9 a.m. at the top of our street in Kirkland.

20180605_180142083_iOS C

Our Orca cards take care of the first three legs of the journey.

20180605_154455845_iOS C  20180605_155144389_iOS C

This bus took us to the Bellevue Transit Station.

20180605_162142515_iOS C

There’s a pretty park next door.

20180605_162012849_iOS C

We hopped on another bus….

20180605_162621276_iOS C  20180605_162053350_iOS C

which took us across Lake Washington on the floating bridge.

20180605_164136153_iOS C

We could see Huskie Stadium, where we were headed.

20180605_164526712_iOS C

Off the bus and a short walk past the pretty UW campus…

20180605_165332045_iOS C

to the Link Light Rail station…..

20180605_165338807_iOS C

and on to a waiting train.

20180605_165735884_iOS C

This one seemed oddly empty….

20180605_165740917_iOS C

Ooops!  We hurried across the platform to the train that is actually leaving next!

Some interesting signs on the train.

20180605_170155854_iOS C  20180605_170228946_iOS C

The train dropped up us off underground.

20180605_170553188_iOS C

Up the escalator to the Capital Hill area.  We were looking for the First Hill Streetcar.

20180605_171550721_iOS C

20180605_171839154_iOS C

20180605_171930306_iOS C

We passed the old Union Station, now the headquarters of Sound Transit.

20180605_173723200_iOS C

Got a peek of the sliding roof where the Mariners play.

20180605_173732452_iOS C

This is King Street Station, with the clock tower, where you can catch an Amtrak or Sounder train.

20180605_173826604_iOS C

20180605_174052357_iOS C

Off the Streetcar here for a short walk through Pioneer Square.  The streets are all torn up this summer to replace pipes.

20180605_174418701_iOS C  20180605_174135457_iOS C

20180605_174252936_iOS C  20180605_174847490_iOS C

20180605_175124440_iOS C

On our walk to the ferry terminal we spotted this group of preschoolers out for a walk too.

20180605_175227398_iOS C

Here’s a view of the waterfront and the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which will be torn down soon.

20180605_175446537_iOS C

And here’s the ferry coming in.  Good timing so far!

20180605_175511692_iOS C

20180605_180109688_iOS C  20180605_175856701_iOS C

We buy our ferry tickets.

20180605_181813753_iOS_stitch C

Cars start to load, we walk on and we are off to Bainbridge Island, across the Puget Sound from Seattle.

20180605_182407279_iOS C

20180605_183002777_iOS C

20180605_182628552_iOS C

20180605_182836754_iOS C20180605_182928779_iOS C20180605_184611661_iOS C

20180605_191058333_iOS C

20180605_191116464_iOS C

A short walk into Winslow to meet Will’s brother for lunch – pizza and ice cream –  and just enough time to get back to the ferry!

20180605_205517598_iOS C

20180605_205544525_iOS C

And back we go to Seattle.

20180605_212314665_iOS C

20180605_211201342_iOS C

20180605_213236900_iOS C

20180605_213020973_iOS C  20180605_213439552_iOS C

20180605_213532616_iOS C

20180605_213700238_iOS C

Next, an Uber car from the ferry to the Space Needle.

20180605_215505389_iOS C  20180605_220145516_iOS C

The Experience Music Project is here….

20180605_220518609_iOS C

and this is where the Monorail starts.  We buy our tickets.

20180605_220744720_iOS C

20180605_221201027_iOS C

A short wait and we’re off.

20180605_221356905_iOS C

Some Fun Facts printed on our Monorail ticket:

The Monorail travels 1 mile in 90 seconds, usually operating at speeds up to 45mph.

The Monorail can carry up to 6,000 passengers in one hour.  In its original configuration, it could carry over 10,000!

20180605_221543247_iOS C

It’s a quick ride to Westlake Center.

20180605_222129695_iOS C

And another short walk to the Lake Union Streetcar stop.

20180605_222437255_iOS C

20180605_222722538_iOS C

A short ride takes us to Lake Union. 

20180605_224726606_iOS C

20180605_224732871_iOS C

We walk through Lake Union Park.  It’s a nice park, except for all the geese and the mess they leave behind.  The babies are pretty cute, though.

20180605_224754338_iOS C

20180605_225044530_iOS C

We are headed to Kenmore Air, the float plane company that Will works for during the summer.

20180605_224922285_iOS C

20180605_225244089_iOS C

We board a floatplane to fly from Lake Union to Kenmore, at the top of Lake Washington.  All the planes return to Kenmore every evening for cleaning and a check over to be ready for the next day. 

20180605_233000865_iOS C

We taxi down the lake and we’re off.

20180605_234350558_iOS C

20180605_234414355_iOS C

20180605_234451317_iOS C

We see the floating bridge from Seattle to Bellevue.

20180605_234609107_iOS C

The large white buildings is the Google complex near our home in Kirkland.

20180605_234651040_iOS C

Landing already!

20180605_235128935_iOS C

Another floatplane lands right behind us.

20180606_001553320_iOS C

20180605_235320893_iOS C

A photo memento of our flight.

20180605_235904074_iOS C

And one more bus from Kenmore to Kirkland.  This was the longest wait we had, about 15 minutes.

20180606_004906645_iOS C

20180606_004945170_iOS C

20180606_011802696_iOS C

We hop off at the top of our street, at the exact same place we started this morning, and are home around 6:30!

20180606_011935938_iOS C

20180606_232703395_iOS C

Bus – check!

Light rail train – check!

Streetcar – check!

Ferry – check!

Uber car – check!

Monorail – check!

Plane – check!

7 modes of transportation in one day in Seattle!   Whew!

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9 Responses to Trains, a Plane and an Automobile – Plus 4 More – a Day Circling Seattle

  1. Laurel says:

    I love a good day trip! Such a fun variety of transportation!

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    This is one of my favorite ways to spend the day in Seattle when I lived there; not all in one day though. I was a public transportation fan and the ORCA card for seniors made it very affordable. I, like you, went all over the place by train, ferry, Amtrak to Portland, even a float plane tour of Seattle.

    PS: can’t get the website to accept change of email address so will copy and paste. 🙂 Love, janet


    • graciamc says:

      You may need to “re-follow” the blog to get your new address in the system. It’s neat that you had a chance to see Seattle in so many ways too!

  3. Mona Stage says:

    What a fun day!.

  4. Tammy says:

    What a great “day trip” you had, using so many modes of transportation! I’d say Will’s travel planning skills are in good shape!

  5. Mary Holm says:

    Wow! That’s really impressive!

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