Modica, Sicily means Chocolate!

Modica is another hill town that was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake in 1693.  The older town is high on the hill.  We visited the lower, newer town. 

DSC04926 C

DSC04927 C  DSC04925 C

DSC04944 C

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily (1880). 

DSC04932 C

We had lots of chocolate flavors to sample!

DSC04931b Chocolate factory C

DSC04933 C

A tour of the “factory”.

DSC04935 C

Chocolate was introduced to Sicily by Spanish colonists.  It is characterized by an ancient Aztec original recipe using manual grinding which gives the chocolate a grainy texture and aromatic flavor.

DSC04938 C  DSC04939 C

DSC04940 C

DSC04941 C

They also make lovely pastries.

DSC04937 C

These sweets are marzipan (sugar and ground almond candy) decorated to look like fruits and vegetables.

DSC04942 C

DSC04943 C

After our factory tour we had time to explore the town.

DSC04945 C

DSC04946 C  DSC04950 C  DSC04947 C

DSC04948 C

DSC04949 C

A Chocolate store and a colorful Italian Vespa.

DSC04951 C2  DSC04952 C

DSC04930 C

The Cathedral of San Pietro was restored after the earthquake of 1693.  It is crowned by a Sicilian Baroque bell tower.

DSC04953 C  DSC04954 C

DSC04955 C

DSC04957 C  DSC04959 C  DSC04961 C

Teatro Garibaldi

DSC04958 C    

DSC04956 C

DSC04960 C

DSC04962 C  DSC04964 C

DSC04963 C

Image-5.png C

Here’s our good-looking tour group in the chocolate factory!


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  1. Mary Holm says:

    Love it!

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