A day in Noto, Sicily

DSC04971 C

We had a short but pleasant stop to see the picturesque town of Noto.  

DSC04969 C

The town of Noto has been here for centuries, but the Noto of today was almost totally rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693.  It is a masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque architecture and is listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. 

DSC04972 C

The main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is lined with Baroque churches and palaces, built of a soft tufa stone which gives it a honey color in the sunlight.

DSC04973 C

Church of San Francesco d’Assisi

DSC04975 C

DSC04976 C

Cattedrale di San Nicolo

DSC05005 C

DSC04983 C  DSC04978 C

Palazzo Ducezio is now the City Hall.

DSC04979 C  DSC05006 C

DSC04980 C

DSC04982 C  DSC04989 C

Palazzo Nicolaci di Villadorata is loaded with wrought iron balconies supported by grotesques.

DSC04984 C  DSC04988 C

DSC04985 C

DSC04986 C2

DSC04993 C  DSC04991 C

DSC04990 C

DSC04995 C

DSC04996 C

DSC04998 C

DSC04999 C  DSC04997 C

I think this is a clever design for outdoor dining.

DSC05001 C

DSC05002 C

DSC05009 C

DSC05007 C

This was a nice little visit to Noto!


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4 Responses to A day in Noto, Sicily

  1. jmfre2013 says:

    I did not know this town was a world heritage site. I enjoyed the tour of Noto very much. thank you, Gracia


  2. Mona Stage says:

    Another amazing site. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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