Another Look at Malaga, Spain

Last fall’s cruise continued with a port stop in Malaga.  This was our second time in Malaga.  You can see the blog from our first visit here.

DSC05423 Along the waterfront C

The Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the Palm Garden of Surprises, is a new waterfront feature. 

DSC05424 C

We had no particular sites to see, so we walked through town and had a tapas lunch.

DSC05425 C

DSC05426 C

DSC05428 C

DSC05429 Marques de Larios C 

Calle Larios is Malaga’s main shopping street.  They were putting up holiday lights!  When you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to be over, Christmas celebrations can get off to an early start!

DSC05430 C

Plaza de la Constitucion

DSC05431 Plaza de la Constitucion C

DSC05433 C

DSC05434 C  DSC05436 C

We stumbled onto this small square and found the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus.  It was built in 1920.

DSC05437 C  DSC05438 C

DSC05441 C

DSC05442 C

Iglesia de Los Martires is from the 16th century.  Its architecture is called Mudejar.

DSC05444 C

DSC05445 C  DSC05446 C

DSC05448 C

DSC05449 C  DSC05450 C

DSC05451 C

The Cathedral of Malaga, we’d not gone inside on our first visit.

DSC05479 -81 C_stitch

DSC05482 C

DSC05459 C

DSC05456 C

DSC05457 C  DSC05460 C

DSC05461 C  DSC05464 C

DSC05462 C

DSC05463 C  DSC05465 C

DSC05466 C

DSC05467 C  DSC05468 C

DSC05474 C  DSC05470 C

DSC05476 C

DSC05477 C  DSC05478 C

DSC05483 C

DSC05484 C

DSC05485 C  DSC05489 C  DSC05487 C

The General Torrijos Monument is a 19th century obelisk in the middle of Plaza de la Merced.

DSC05490 C

DSC05492 C

DSC05493 C

This is where we had lunch – patatas bravas, chips and hummus, and a mixed salad.

20171105_001 C

20171105_003 C

DSC05494 C

DSC05495 C

We toured the Alcazaba, on our last visit.  Just in front of it is the old Roman theater, built in the 1st century AD.

DSC05496 C  DSC05497 C

20171105_004 C

Close to the waterfront, 7400 trees and tropical plants make up the Parque de Malaga.

DSC05499 C

DSC05524 C

Across the street from the park is the City Hall.

DSC05501 C  DSC05522 C

There’s a pretty park next to it too.

DSC05511 C

DSC05504 C  DSC05505 C

DSC05506 C  DSC05507 C

DSC05512 C  DSC05515 C

DSC05516 C

DSC05518 C  DSC05520 C

A view up to the Alcazaba.

DSC05525 C

Plaza del General Torrijos

DSC05526 C  DSC05526 C2

There are plenty of shopping opportunities back on the waterfront.

DSC05529 C

DSC05532 C

The Malaga Lighthouse, La Farola, was built in 1817.  It was turned off in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War and was painted in camouflage but still suffered serious damage.  It was rebuilt in 1939 and painted white. 

DSC05544 C  DSC05548 C

That’s our ship just past these Interesting old stone steps to nowhere on the dock.

DSC05550 C

DSC05540 C

A good day in Malaga!

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