Third Time’s a Charm in Cadiz, Spain

This was our third visit to Cadiz, all on cruises.  You can see pictures from our earlier visits: 2013 and 2015

I didn’t think I needed to take any more pictures but, of course, I see new things every time we revisit a place! 

First stop was for churros and chocolate.

20171106_001 Churros & Chocolate C

DSC05555 C

Recessed tiled entryways are very typical. 

DSC05553 C  DSC05554 C

DSC05557 C  DSC05556 C

The Cadiz Cathedral

DSC05558 Cadiz Cathedral C

DSC05559 C

DSC05560 C  DSC05561 C

DSC05565 -6 C_stitch

DSC05569 C

The Castillo de Santa Catalina was built in the 13th century.  It now houses historical exhibits about Cadiz and its surrounding waters.  It has a star shaped floor plan with 2 bastions and a moat.

DSC05570 -1 C_stitch

The Santa Catalina Chapel was constructed in 1693

DSC05574 C  DSC05575 C

DSC05577 C

DSC05578 C

DSC05579 C

DSC05580 C  DSC05581 C

Parque Genoves, along the waterfront, is a botanical garden.

DSC05583 Parque Genoves C    DSC05584 C

DSC05585 C

DSC05587 C

DSC05589 C

DSC05590 C  DSC05591 C

DSC05592 C    DSC05593 C

DSC05595 C

DSC05596 C

DSC05598 C

DSC05599 C    DSC05600 C

DSC05601 C

DSC05602 C  DSC05603 C

DSC05604 C

Plaza de San Antonio and church

DSC05605 C    DSC05606 C

DSC05609 C

DSC05610 C    DSC05611 C

DSC05613 C

DSC05614 C

DSC05616 C

DSC05617 C    DSC05618 C

DSC05619 Plaza de Espana C    DSC05621 C

Monument to the Constitucion of 1812 in the Plaza de Espana

DSC05620 C

DSC05623 C

DSC05622 C

And back to the Prinsendam, wrapping up our day in Cadiz.

20171106_004 Our Ship the Prinsendam C

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