Back in Funchal, Madeira

One of the Canary Islands, Madeira, Portugal is the last bit of land before sailing off across the Atlantic to America.  Funchal, the largest city on the island, is a popular cruise port.  We’ve been here a couple times, but there is always something new for us to see.  Click 2013 and 2016 to see pictures from prior visits.

DSC05725 Funchal C

This visit, we took a bus up the hill above Funchal to the village of Monte, which is 1800 feet above sea level.  This is the old train station where the bus dropped us off.

DSC05726 Old Monte Train Station C

A popular touristy thing to do up here is ride a toboggan, on the road, down part of the hill back toward Funchal – controlled by two guys with a rope.  We did not do this.  But I took pictures of the crazy people who did….

DSC05731 C

DSC05727 Tobogan C

DSC05728 C    DSC05729 C

DSC05730 C

DSC05762 Tobogan C

This looks like an accident waiting to happen to me!  This is the first turn, then they wind back and forth down the hill – on the street – with cars around.  Will remembers doing this when he was a kid on a visit with his parents.  (They were returning to the states after his father’s army posting in Italy in the 50s.)

DSC05763 C

Our Lady of Monte is a church on the hilltop with great views.

DSC05733 C  DSC05736 -7 C_stitch

You can see our ship, the Prinsendam, in the harbor.

DSC05734 C

A chapel from 1489 stood on this hill.  It was rebuilt in 1741 and again in 1818 after an earthquake.  Charles I of Hapsburg, the last emperor of Austria, died here in 1922 and is buried at this church.

DSC05747 Habsburg C

DSC05741 -2 C_stitch    DSC05744 C

DSC05743 C

DSC05745 C

DSC05750 C

DSC05752 C

We wandered through this pretty little park.

DSC05751 C

DSC05753 Parque do Monte C

DSC05754 C

DSC05755 C    DSC05756 C

DSC05757 C  DSC05759 C

DSC05758 C

We took a cable car from Monte down to the waterfront. 

DSC05771 C

DSC05766 C

DSC05775 Cable Car ride C

DSC05778 C

DSC05779 C

DSC05782 C

Looking back up the hill.

DSC05783 C

DSC05787 C

DSC05788 C

DSC05789 C

DSC05790 C    DSC05791 C

DSC05792 C

Time for a snack!

DSC05795 C

DSC05793 Bolo do Caco C  DSC05794 C

DSC05796 Ham & Cheese C

DSC05798 Old main square C

As a result of a flood in 2010, some engineering work uncovered remains of old stone-built structures, along with the stone pavement of the original Customs Square.  It was also known to be the location of the Pillory from 1486. 

DSC05799 Old port ruins C

Ribeira de Santa Luzia

DSC05800 C

DSC05801 C

DSC05802 C

Funchal Cathedral

DSC05803 C

DSC05804 C

And back to the port.

DSC05805 C

DSC05806 C

Sailing away from Funchal, on our way across the Atlantic and home.

20171109_001 Sail away C

This was a great trip!

IMG_4318 C2


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2 Responses to Back in Funchal, Madeira

  1. mercedesaug says:

    Beautiful photos. Takes a long time to snap and assemble a travelogue. Love the light in Portugal.

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