A week in Turin, Italy

Last fall we spent a week in Turin (Torino), Italy.  It is in NW Italy, west of Milan, at the foot of the Alps.  We rented an apartment with friends.  It was a great neighborhood, just a few blocks from Via Po, one of the main streets of Turin.

Via Po

DSC05941 C Via Po

Nice views from our apartment

DSC06051 C view from apt     20181013_135909026_iOS C

Around the corner from our apartment was the Mole Antonelliana.

20181012_201256358_iOS C the Mole

The Mole Antonelliana is a major landmark in Turin.  A mole, in Italian, is a building of monumental proportions.  Designed by architect Antonelli in 1863, it was built to be a synagogue.  Because of cost overruns and a falling out between the architect and the Jewish community, the city of Turin took it over in 1876, trading another piece of land for the synagogue.  It was eventually finished in 1889.  At 550 feet, the Mole Antonelliana is the tallest unreinforced brick building in the world (built without a steel girder skeleton).  It is now home to the Museo del Cinema.


DSC05942 C    DSC05943 C

Our first morning in Turin we took a city walking tour. 

We started near the Porta Nuova train station.

IMG_7121 C Porta Nuova - train station


City water fountains feature a bull, the emblem of Turin.

DSC06129 C    DSC05944 C


IMG_7125 C Piazza San Carlo - Chiesas Santa Cristina & San Carlo Borromeo

Piazza San Carlo

DSC05947 C

On the corner of one of the buildings in this plaza is a “picture” of the Shroud of Turin. 

DSC05947 C1 inset of the shroud of Turin


Many streets in Turin are lined with arcades and there are also lots of shopping arcades.

DSC05948 C

DSC05949 C

DSC05950 C  DSC05951 C

DSC05952 C    DSC05953 C corner of Pietro Micca & Giuseppe Barbaroux


DSC05959 C

The district of Aurora has very narrow streets and is one of the most ancient areas of the city.

DSC05956 C           DSC05958 C

DSC05961 C

DSC05962 C


DSC06055 C Porta Palatina

Porta Palatina is from the 1st century BC.  It was the northern gateway when Turin was a Roman walled city.

DSC05966 C Porta Palatina

  Emperor Augustus


DSC05963 C Carredrale di San Giovanni Battista

The Duomo di San Giovanni Battista, built between 1491-98, is home to the Shroud of Turin.  The shroud is stored away but you can visit a museum dedicated to it.

DSC06053 C the Duomo

DSC05975 C

The Cathedral Bell Tower was built in 1469.

DSC05969 C

DSC05976 C

DSC05972 C Roman Theater ruins

Next to the Cathedral are ruins of a Roman amphitheater.


DSC05978 C Piazza Reale & Castello

Piazza Castello is Turin’s huge central square.  At one end is the Royal Palace, Palazzo Reale.  Built around 1646, it was an historic palace of the House of Savoy.  In 1946, it became the property of the state and was turned into a decorative arts museum.

DSC06052 C Palace

DSC05980 C

DSC05979 C

DSC05984 C


DSC06155 C Palazzo Madama

At the other end of the piazza is Palazzo Madama.  It was built in the 13th century on the site of another one of the city’s Roman gates.  It was the original seat of of the Italian parliament and is now a museum.

DSC05987 C Palazzo Madama & Castello degli Acaja

DSC05985 C Cavalieri d'Italia  DSC05986 C


DSC05988 C

Sidewalk sand art


DSC05989 C

Piazza Carignano

DSC05993 C Palazzo Carignano   DSC05992 C

DSC05991 C Piazza Carignano

DSC05994 C apartment of the Princes


Piazza Carlo Alberto

DSC05995 C Piazza Carlo Alberto

DSC05996 C


We finished our tour at another large piazza, the Piazza Vittorio Veneto, next to the Po River.

DSC05999 C Piazza Vittorio Veneto

DSC06001 C across the Po - Gran madre di Dio

Across the river is the picturesque Gran Madre di Dio.

DSC06000 C Chiesa Gran Madre Di Dio


We could always spot the Mole to find our way home.

DSC05998 C Mole Antonelliana

A cute shop in our neighborhood.

IMG_6929 C

Next up will be our side trip to a truffle festival…

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3 Responses to A week in Turin, Italy

  1. jmfre2013 says:

    Hi Gracia, Beautiful buildings. Thank you. Will look forward to the next ‘tour’. Janet


  2. MONA STAGE says:

    Enjoyed the journey…imagined I was walking with you guys.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

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