The White Truffle Festival of Alba

Alba is a nice day trip, about 30 miles SE, from Turin.  We got there by both train and taxi, because we missed our train transfer and had to taxi the last 10 miles. Winking smile  We were there on a beautiful October day, perfect timing for Fiera del Tartufo, the white truffle festival.

DSC06004 C in Alba

Alba is a cute medieval city with narrow cobbled streets.  It is packed with people during the Festival.

DSC06008 C

Our first business was lunch!  The price of white truffles was out of our price range, so we chose pasta with black truffles.  Totally delicious!

DSC06005 C  DSC06006 C Pasta w black truffles

If we had opted for white truffles, they bring out a scale, weigh the truffle in front of you, shave off what you want onto your pasta, then weigh the truffle again.  You pay for the difference.  The table next to us had 80 euros worth of white truffle on their spaghetti!

After lunch we spent the afternoon visiting all sorts of food booths around the town. 

DSC06010 C

DSC06013 C

DSC06011 C

DSC06049 C

DSC06050 C

DSC06012 C

Alba is also known for Chocolates, but this day was all about truffles. 

DSC06014 C

DSC06047 C

The white truffles for sale are displayed like jewels.  Note the prices – That’s 90 to 250 euros for a fist size truffle.

DSC06015 C white truffles

The black ones are much more affordable.

DSC06016 C

We bought tickets online beforehand to go into the International Truffle Market.

DSC06017 CDSC06018 C International White Truffle MarketDSC06019 CDSC06020 CDSC06021 CDSC06024 CDSC06022 C

Near the end of our visit we were just in time and in the right place for a parade of the neighborhoods of Alba. 

DSC06025 C Parade of Albo NieghborhoodsDSC06026 C DSC06027 CDSC06028 C DSC06029 CDSC06030 C DSC06034 CDSC06032 CDSC06036 C DSC06037 CDSC06038 CDSC06042 C DSC06040 C1DSC06045 C DSC06046 CDSC06048 C

Our travel friend bought a souvenir – truffle potato chips!  We all enjoyed them along with one black truffle and some truffle cream which we made up for dinner back at our apartment in Turin. 

DSC06009 C 20181014_175409379_iOS C Will in the kitchen20181014_175417684_iOS C IMG_6938 C

Buon appetito!

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8 Responses to The White Truffle Festival of Alba

  1. Laurel says:

    We were in Alba about two days before the official start of the festival in 2017. Things were gearing up but the crowds were minimal. Lovely city! Ric loves a grappa made near there, so our “souvenir” was 6 bottles of that! Great parade pictures. So colorful.

  2. Italians know food. Nice photos.

  3. Janet Freeman says:

    Very interesting about the truffles. I would have had black also.
    Really enjoyed the colorful bands. thanks Gracia.

  4. Thank you for this information, and for other your posts about Turin. This October, we will be in Alba and taste all these delicatessens. I can’t wait to do it.

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