A Food Tour of Turin

Since food is one of the reasons to visit Italy, we took a food tour in Turin.  “I EAT walking food tours” is run by a delightful couple, Cecilia and Abram.  We met Cecilia and she began our tour by pointing out some city sites. 

DSC06057 C

Casa del Pingone is one of the oldest buildings in Turin, from the 1500s.

DSC06061 C Galleria Umberto

Galleria Umberto

Our first stop – latte and an amaretto cookie.

DSC06063 C

  DSC06062 C

DSC06064 C

DSC06065 C

DSC06066 C

DSC06067 C   DSC06068 C

The Mercato di Porta Palazzo is set up in a big plaza.

DSC06082 C

DSC06072 C Mercato di Porta Palazzo

DSC06071 C  DSC06073 C

DSC06074 C1

DSC06075 C

DSC06076 C  DSC06077 C

DSC06078 C

DSC06079 C

DSC06081 C Chees & Meat

Cecilia set us up with large plates of cheeses and meats.

DSC06083 C 

A walk through another lovely galleria

DSC06084 C

DSC06086 C

DSC06087 C

DSC06088 C1

DSC06089 C

DSC06090 C Via Conte Verde   DSC06092 C

DSC06094 C   DSC06098 C 

City Hall

DSC06095 C Torino City Hall on Piazza delle Erbe

DSC06097 C Via Palazzo Di Citta

This street is lined with little doorways that were sales booths in medieval times.    

DSC06096 C

DSC06099 CDSC06100 C   DSC06103 C

DSC06101 C

DSC06106 C   DSC06104 C Polenta da Strada

This shop only sells polenta.  It’s a quick filling meal.  The business was started by a student (at the counter) for local college students.

DSC06105 C

DSC06107 C

  DSC06108 C

DSC06110 C Latteria Bera

Latteria Bera is a fabulous cheese shop that sells locally sourced products.

DSC06111 C

DSC06112 C

We were treated to plenty of samples.

DSC06113 C

20181015_195010947_iOS C

Across the street is a pasta shop.

DSC06114 C Sapori pasta shop

DSC06116 C  DSC06117 C

Agnolotti are particular to Turin and are similar to tortellini.  We watched these being made and then we got to try some!

DSC06120 C

DSC06119 C

DSC06121 C

DSC06122 C   DSC06124 C

DSC06123 C

DSC06127 C  DSC06128 C

Turin’s water fountains

DSC06129 C   DSC06130 C 

DSC06131 C Palazzo Scaglia Di Verrua

Palazzo Scaglia di Verrua was built in the late 1500s.

DSC06132 C Palazzo Scaglia Di Verrua

DSC06142 C

The courtyard with frescos

DSC06134 C

DSC06137 C

DSC06138 C   DSC06140 C

DSC06141 C

And finally, dessert

DSC06144 C Torteria Olsen

DSC06149 C

A delicious chocolate and pear tart

DSC06147 C

DSC06146 C  DSC06148 C

The final stop was Cecilia and Abram’s tea shop.

DSC06152 C Spazio del The

DSC06153 C I Eat walking food tour - Cecilia & Abram

Cecilia was a great guide.  Look up I EAT if you are in Turin!

And two more “sights” that caught my eye on our walk….

DSC06143 C

DSC06109 C

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7 Responses to A Food Tour of Turin

  1. Catherine McCabe says:

    My goodness what a charming, beautiful and fascinating city — to say nothing of all Turin’s food! How much weight did you put on 😉 Everything seemed so peaceful and well laid out — made me eager to visit there!

  2. jmfre2013 says:

    Yummy food. What fun to have a guided to try the different foods in Turin. Looked like such fun. Thank you Gracia.


  3. Laurel says:

    What a great idea for Torino! We have to go back and do this!

  4. Mercedy says:

    Your photos are splendid. So pleasing and Italy, beauty everywhere you turn. These two intrigued me. Never seen plants trailing from windows like that. And the other thing, like something from Dante’s Inferno. 😊

    [image: dsc06123-c.jpg] [image: dsc06138-c.jpg]

    *Diana Mercedy Howell*

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