San Juan Island, Washington

The San Juan Islands in NW Washington are comprised of 172 named islands and reefs.  San Juan Island is the second largest island.  Ferries serve the 4 most populous islands.  We could’ve taken a one-hour ferry ride to San Juan Island from Anacortes, but we live 80 miles from there.  Summer traffic and long wait lines can make this a 4-hour trip.  Instead, we drove 20 minutes and took a 50-minute floatplane flight.  Just right for a day trip. 

IMG_8750 C

Kenmore Air operates out of Kenmore, at the top of Lake Washington, north of Seattle.  They also have a dock in Lake Union, right in downtown Seattle.  Our flight left from Kenmore mid-morning.

IMG_8758 C

IMG_8761 C

IMG_8762 C

IMG_8765 C

IMG_8767 C

IMG_8772 C

Friday Harbor is the commercial center for San Juan Island and the county seat.  The harbor was filled with boats!

IMG_8774 C

IMG_8849 C

Downtown has everything you might need if you live on this island and there are shops and restaurants for the tourists.  

IMG_8776 C1

IMG_8777 C

IMG_8805 C

IMG_8778 C

IMG_8789 C  IMG_8785 C

IMG_8787 C

IMG_8790 C  IMG_8793 C

IMG_8797 C  IMG_8799 C

After we explored the town we took a break for coffee, tea and a cookie.  Then we did a little shopping in a lavender store.  Pelindaba has a lavender farm on the island.

IMG_8804 C  IMG_8801 C

IMG_8803 C

IMG_8808 C

We watched the ferry arrive.  Walk-on passengers, bicyclists and motorcycles get off first.

IMG_8811 C1

It was time for us to catch the trolley to Roche Harbor located at the north end of the island.

IMG_8812 C

IMG_8814 C

It took about 20 minutes, traveling through farmland and forest, to get to the small town of Roche Harbor.

IMG_8815 C

A lime mining operation was developed here in the late 1800s.  In 1956 Roche Harbor was sold and developed into a boating resort and marina.  Some of the old kilns from the mining days can still be seen.

IMG_8820 C

IMG_8824 C

IMG_8830 C

IMG_8823 C

There was a small craft market.

IMG_8828 C

IMG_8829 C

On the dock is the Lime Kiln Café.

IMG_8834 C

IMG_8841 C

Great sandwiches and mushroom bisque soup.

IMG_8836 C  IMG_8844 C

IMG_8831 C  IMG_8833 C

IMG_8842 C

We flew back to Kenmore from Roche Harbor around 3:00. 

IMG_8854 C

IMG_8860 C

IMG_8863 C1

Exploring the San Juan Islands by boat is probably the best way to visit.  If you don’t have a boat you can take a ferry to the four largest islands and enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, and even whale watching.  If you only have a day or two, flying is a pretty cool way to go!

IMG_8846 C

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6 Responses to San Juan Island, Washington

  1. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, arriving with an floatplane must have been a great introduction to San Juan Island. What an amazing and colourful place to explore and photograph – would love to visit one day 😀 thanks for sharing and inspiring 😀

  2. Laurel says:

    We talked about going there this fall, recalling a lovely week we spent on Orcas Island in 1996 😱, so long ago! But then Italy called. Again. Maybe in the spring….

  3. jmfre2013 says:

    Hi Gracia, Beautiful picture from the air. Makes me homesick for Seattle and the surrounding area. Thanks!


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