Relaxing in Bali

After a rainy week in Japan last fall, we flew to Bali where we met close friends from Australia for a week in the sun.  We stayed at the Nusa Dua Gardens, a beautiful Marriott resort.  Nusa Dua is a tourist enclave built in the 1970s in the southern part of Bali, Indonesia.  There are over 20 resorts in this area along with “The Bali Collection”, a shopping mall to cater to the tourists.   

IMG_9745 C

IMG_9986 C

It was ridiculously hot and humid, so our first day was spent taking it easy by the pool.  The water was as warm as bath water – just right!

That evening we visited the nearby Grand Hyatt hotel and enjoyed an elaborate Balinese Dinner and Kecak dance show.

IMG_0079 C

IMG_0080 C

This gorgeous hotel also has a beach.  I think the “No Swimming” flag was because of jellyfish. 

IMG_0081 C

No problem, we were here for dinner and the show.

IMG_9763 C

There was a huge Balinese buffet.

IMG_9777 C

IMG_9778 C

IMG_9768 C  IMG_9769 C

Kecak is a form of Balinese Hindu dance and musical drama that was developed in the 1930s in Bali.  Based on the story of the Ramayana it is traditionally performed in temples and villages.

IMG_9764 C

IMG_9771 C

IMG_9772 C

IMG_9773 C

IMG_9776 C

The program was around an hour long.  If you are interested, this link is a short version of a similar show. 

IMG_9784 C

We needed and enjoyed this relaxing day. 

Because the resorts are removed from the “real” Bali, we hired a driver the next day and set off to explore sites outside of Nusa Dua….

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6 Responses to Relaxing in Bali

  1. says:

    I am so very envious — we’ve never been to Bali. And now with the Pandemic, who knows if we’ll ever get the chance! All the countries you’re visiting, are they all free of the Pandemic? Thanks so much for letting us “travel with you” piggyback on our computer 😉 Be safe, Catherine

    • graciamc says:

      Hi Catherine, this trip was last year in the fall. It’s taken me a year to get around to putting it on the blog! Sadly, it will be awhile before we are traveling again.

  2. jmfre2013 says:

    Hi Gracia, What a beautiful, relaxing few days you had in Bali. It is so much fun to have these travelogues now since, unknown to us when you took this trip, this is only way we can travel now. I didn’t try to comment on your actual blog since I can’t figure out to do it on my computer. But it was a great break today to see that beautiful place. Thanks again. Hope all are well with you and yours. We are doing okay here. The 3 of us plus Mike’s Dad will have Thanksgiving dinner together. That is what we usually do anyway. Love, Janet


  3. Diana Howell says:

    Felt the same way when exiting the plane in Cancun. You hit a wall of heat. Lovely beaches in Bali looks like.

    Same deal with Cancun…it isn’t Mexico, except for the sugar sand beaches and the lukewarm water.

  4. graciamc says:

    I love the warm water in places like these so laying by the pool or on the beach is perfect. It’s exhausting to tour in heat.

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