Sunnylands Center & Gardens

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We like to go to Palm Desert, CA, in the winter, and Sunnylands, next door in Rancho Mirage, is one of our regular outings while there.  The estate of Sunnylands was the winter home of Walter & Leonore Annenberg.  After their deaths, their heirs decided to redesign an undeveloped corner of the estate as a sustainable desert garden. 

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The mid-century modern visitors center has gallery space, a small theater that runs a film on the history of Sunnylands, a Café, and a gift shop. 

DSC07378 C

Guided walking tours are available.

DSC07354 C

The Garden has 1.25 miles of walking paths. 

Let’s take a stroll. 

DSC07396 C   DSC07382 C

DSC07427 C

There is a lovely water feature.

DSC07359 C   DSC07355 C

DSC07356 C   DSC07358 C  

DSC07362 C   DSC07368 C

DSC07370 C   DSC07369 C

 DSC07361 C   DSC07391 C

DSC07393 C   DSC07387 C

DSC07410 C   DSC07380 C

DSC07373 C

DSC07381 C   DSC07375 C

DSC07377 C   DSC07379 C

DSC07416 C

There is a labyrinth you can walk.

DSC07413 C   DSC07422 C

DSC07417 C

DSC07430 C   DSC07433 C

IMG_2266 C   IMG_2255 C

IMG_2250 C   IMG_2262 C

IMG_2260 C

Sunnylands is not large but there’s a lot packed into this delightful small space.

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6 Responses to Sunnylands Center & Gardens

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks, Gracia. It looks like a beautiful place – have you ever seen it when the cacti are in bloom? They’re naturally pretty spiky. I bet when they flower they’re spectacular.

  2. Laurel says:

    My Mom and Grandma lived in Banning for a few years. It was always lovely to visit there from Minnesota in February or March! Your pictures, as always, make one want to visit.

  3. Joanne Crawford says:

    Your pictures are so artistic, as always. I remember visiting here years ago with you & Will. It’s such an interesting place.

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