Paris in the Rain

We flew to Paris last fall to begin a 3-week trip in France.

Because we would be taking a train to Lyon for the next leg of our journey, we chose a hotel near the Gare de Lyon.

Our room had a very nice view!

Our flight arrived mid-morning.  To fight jetlag, we headed out for a walk.

We’ve been to Paris quite a few times. You can check out those blogs by clicking on the “travel index” above.

We found a little café and had galettes for lunch. These are very flat pancakes with assorted fillings.

IMG_4786 C (Small)

Will had a galette with mushrooms and an egg on top.  I had ham and cheese. Adding an egg on top of whatever is a popular thing here.

It rained off and on all 3 days we were in Paris, but we were prepared with raincoats and umbrellas. After lunch we took a walk along the Promenade des Plantes, an elevated park through the 12th arrondissement near Place de la Bastille.  Also called La Coulee Verte, it was built in 1993 on a disused railway viaduct.  It runs almost 3 miles with pretty little parks along the way and views of the surrounding neighborhoods. 


IMG_4788 C (Small)   IMG_4789 C (Small)

IMG_4790 1 C (Small)    IMG_4791 C (Small)

IMG_4792 C (Small)    IMG_4793 C (Small)

IMG_4795 C (Small)

IMG_4799 C (Small)

IMG_4802 C (Small)    IMG_4803 C (Small)

We picked up bread, cheese, and sausage for a picnic dinner back at the hotel.

The next day we followed one of Rick Steves’ walking tours.

IMG_4817 C

IMG_4811 C

Notre Dame is under repair after the devastating fire in 2019.  There is a safety wall around the cathedral with displays explaining the fire and the reconstruction.

IMG_4815 C

Rain slowed us down, but we still enjoyed the ambience of Paris.

Square Viviani

IMG_4820 C

IMG_4821 C   IMG_4823 1 C

IMG_4827 C 

On the Pont Neuf

IMG_4829 C

Picturesque shops on Rue Cler

IMG_4832 C

          IMG_4831 C

                     IMG_4830 C

As the rain picked up, we took cover in a Chinese restaurant and stayed for lunch – not what we expected to eat in Paris!!  Then we called it a day.

The next morning, after the rain stopped and the sun came out, we took one last Paris walk before heading to the train station. 

IMG_4838 1 C   Place de la Bastille

Place des Voges

IMG_4840 1 C

Pretty flower shops in the Marais district.


Village Saint-Paul



 Hotel de Sens

Our train to Lyon left in the midafternoon.

Au revoir, Paris.

DSC07208 C (Small)


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9 Responses to Paris in the Rain

  1. Diana Howell says:

    What a feast for the eye and the soul, Gracia. And the rain, a pain for you but for photographs, evocative. Love the colorful umbrellas.

  2. Lisa Harding says:

    I always LOVE your photos, as you know!  Paris is our favorite city, and it looks great in any type of weather!  I really like seeing Notre Dam, as I just have not heard anything about it lately!  xoxo  Lis

    • graciamc says:

      Thanks, Lisa. Notre Dame should be all finished by the time we get back again. We haven’t been inside in quite awhile but we’ll have to check it out next time.

  3. Thanks Gracia. So lovely. Janet

  4. Patricia Kach says:

    I always enjoy following your travels Gracia. Went back and browsed some of your pictures from 2010 when you were in Istanbul for 4-5 days before taking a cruise on Oceania’s Nautica. We are taking an Oceania cruise (Riviera) out of Athens in May and have 2 days in Istanbul.
    As ever, Patricia

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