Milan, Italy – City Sights

My last blog featured the Duomo of Milan.  This one will give you a taste of other sights in Milan.  We took a guided walking tour which gave us a good look at Milan.

DSC02748 C

The Piazza del Duomo is a good place to start.

DSC02760 C

Victor Emmanuel II was the first king of Italy.

DSC02763 C

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, on the Piazza, is a marvelous four-story glass-domed shopping arcade.

DSC02759 CDSC02754 Galleria C2DSC02770 CDSC02771 CDSC02774 C DSC02773 CDSC02772 C

On the other side of the Galleria is the Piazza della Scala and the famous La Scala Opera House.  Our guide told us that La Scala, besides being a theater, was also a casino, not uncommon for the times.

DSC02815 La Scala CDSC02813 Leonardo C   DSC02814 C

This statue, from 1870, is of Leonardo da Vinci who lived in Milan for 20 years.  His famous Last Supper painting is in Milan too.  More on that in the next blog.

The church of San Nazaro Maggiore was begun in 382 along the Roman road.  (“All roads lead to Rome” but this one actually did!)  The church has been added on to and remodeled many times.  The front seen now, covering the original church façade, is a mausoleum that was added in 1512.  This addition was very controversial at the time.

DSC02791 C San Nazaro

DSC02796 C

The original Milan University campus was originally a hospital.

Badly damaged during WWII, reconstruction was finally finished in 1984.

DSC02795 originally hosp C2

DSC02809 C   DSC02803 05 Stitch C

Next to the church of Saint Stefano is the San Bernardino alle Ossa – the Bone Chapel!

DSC02802 San Bernardino alle Ossa - Bone Chapel C

That’s right, bones stacked upon bones.  In 1210, when an adjacent cemetery ran out of space, this room was built to hold bones.  In 1269 the church was built next to it.

The Piazza Mercanti was the central market of Milan in the Middle Ages.  City Hall was there.DSC02818 C 

This balcony is where new laws were announced.

DSC02816 Plazza del Mercanti C

The word “bankrupt” comes from “banco rotto” or “broken bench” – a merchant’s desk was smashed in this piazza if he could not pay his debts.

 DSC02822 Sforza Castle C

Sforza Castle was built in the 15th century on the ruins of a 14th century fortification by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan.  It was renovated and enlarged in the 16th and 17th centuries and again rebuilt from 1891-1905.  It now houses several of the city’s museums and art collections.

DSC02826 C  DSC02832 C2DSC02835 C2  DSC02842 CDSC02841 CDSC02848 C  DSC02852 C2DSC02857 C 

Behind the Castle is Parco Sempione.

DSC02858 Parco Sempione CDSC02861 CDSC02869 C

At the end of the park is Arco della Pace.

DSC02870 Arco della Pace C

Per Rick Steves – This was originally an arch of triumph to welcome Napoleon.  Nike and his chariot were turned around, their tails facing France when the locals learned Napoleon was a megalomaniac.

DSC02877 C  DSC02882 C

More sites of Milan in my next blog!

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Milan, Italy – The Duomo

Last fall we spent a week in Milan, Italy. 

DSC02746 C

We visited the Duomo – it’s the 4th largest church in Europe with more than 3,000 statues inside and out.  It was built of Pink Candoglia marble, quarried 60 miles away.  The cathedral was under construction from 1386 to 1810!  Work was still being done in 1965.

DSC02745 Duomo C

DSC02757 C   DSC02758 C

DSC02766 C

DSC02767 C

DSC03226 C2

DSC02788 C      DSC02786 C

DSC02787 C

DSC03188 C2

DSC03189 Milan Cathedral - Miss Liberty C2   DSC02779 C

Rick Steves, the travel writer, wonders if this was the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty.

DSC03191 C

A very unique feature of the Duomo is the rooftop. 

DSC03154 C

We took an elevator up for a walk above the city.  It’s very cool to be so close to architecture we’d normally only see in the distance from the street below.

DSC03097 C   DSC03141 C

DSC03099 C

This is La Madonniana, a 15 foot tall gilded Virgin Mary, the symbol of Milan, at the top of the Duomo.  The name Maria was so popular that it was even given to boys!

DSC03136 C

DSC03107 C2   DSC03120 C

DSC03108 C

DSC03111 C

DSC03123 C   DSC03128 C

DSC03131 C2

DSC03151 C

DSC03156 C

DSC03167 C

DSC03172 C

DSC03173 C

DSC03178 C


DSC03138 C

DSC03149 C

DSC03177 C

It was pretty glorious up there!

Back down on earth, we went inside the Duomo.  It’s pretty glorious too.

DSC03208 C

DSC03209 C

DSC03210 C  DSC03203 C

DSC03192 C   DSC03200 C

DSC03198 C

DSC03202 C   DSC03201 C3

Last but not least is the Duomo museum.  Many of the original statues are here, having been replaced with copies because of years of weathering.  You meander through room after room, all with subdued lighting. 

DSC03228 CDSC03229 C  DSC03232 St Sebastian CDSC03238 CDSC03239 CDSC03242 CDSC03246 CDSC03247 CDSC03248 CDSC03249 CDSC03252 CDSC03256 God the Father CDSC03271 CDSC03276 C

I think we spent as long in the museum as we did seeing the actual cathedral.  But these statues are all at eye level.

DSC02747 C

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