St Barthelemy and Jost Van Dyke

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St Barthelemey is an upscale island with lots of expensive yachts in the harbor of Gustavia. 

We visited here in 1980 when it was still a sleepy island.  On that trip we took a racing catamaran over to St Barts from St Maarten.

1980-02 03 Gustavia, St Barts

1980-02 01  1980-02 02

We hired a cab to drive us around the island.  We think it was the same route we took many years ago. 

DSC05428 C  DSC05353 C

We vaguely remembered the light house (built in 1961) and the airport where planes fly close over a major road as they land.

DSC05347 C Airport

DSC05348 C Anse de Grande Saline

The salt ponds at La Grande Saline were once prolific enough to export salt to other islands.

Grand Fond is a rocky beach.

DSC05349 C Grande Fond

At Saint-Jean there are beautiful sand beaches sheltered in a bay.  You can see the airport runway on the far side.


DSC05351 C


1980-02 04 Stitch C

Back in Gustavia we noticed the signs in French and Swedish.  St. Barts was settled by Huguenots from Brittany and Normandy in the 17th century.  Sweden declared it a free port in 1785.

DSC05355 C

DSC05356 C  DSC05357 C

DSC05365 C  DSC05366 C

DSC05367 C  DSC05369 C

DSC05372 C  DSC05400 C

DSC05374 C Shell Beach  DSC05376 C

We took a short walk out to Shell Beach which is beautiful and unique. 

DSC05398 C  DSC05375 C

DSC05380 -82 C Stitch

Instead of sand the beach is made up of little shells.

DSC05377 C1  DSC05384 C

DSC05390 -92 C Stitch

DSC05401 C  DSC05402 C

DSC05403 C  DSC05404 C

DSC05405 -11 C Stitch  DSC05411 C

DSC05415 C  DSC05414 C

DSC05421 C  DSC05420 C1

DSC05426 -7 C Stitch

We had lunch at a prime spot at the end of the harbor with this view.

DSC05360 -63 C Stitch

1980-02 St Bartholomey

This is a post card from 1980 of Gustavia harbor.

It was a treat to revisit St. Barthelemy.

1980-02 13 St Bartholomey  DSC05345 C Gustavia

Looks like the island isn’t the only thing that changed….

We spent the next day on the island of Jost Van Dyke for a beach stop.  There are less than 300 inhabitants on this island.

DSC05445 C  DSC05446 C

DSC05447 -9 C Stitch

DSC05452 C  DSC05454 C

DSC05456 C

This was a nice relaxing way to finish up our cruise.

DSC05467 -8 Stitch C

DSC05438 C

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Terre-de-Haut, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

It’s appropriate today that I’m posting about our visit to a French Island.  We are so saddened by the terrible massacre in Paris last night.  Our prayers go out to the people of Paris and the people of France.  Travelers often recognize the places in pictures in the news.  We exclaim, “That’s where we walked, that’s where we ate, those are the people we saw in the street.”  It is no longer a place far away, it is our neighborhood and we are one world.  I hope you enjoy this lovely island.

DSC05214 C

Les Saintes are eight islands that form a miniature archipelago six miles south of the larger island of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe.  Only two of these are inhabited.  Terre-de-Haut is the smallest of the islands but most of the “Santois” live here.

DSC05320 -21 Stitch C

DSC05235 C  DSC05219 C

The little village of Terre-de-Haut is lively and colorful.

DSC05217 C  DSC05302 C

DSC05218 C  DSC05221 C

DSC05301 C  DSC05298 C

DSC05222 C  DSC05309 C

DSC05304 C  DSC05310 C

DSC05233 C  DSC05228 C

DSC05231 C  DSC05232 C

DSC05236 C  DSC05237 C

The main tourist site on Terre-de-Haut is Fort Napoleon.  It was built in the 1800s to defend against a British invasion but was used as a penitentiary instead.  It’s been restored and is a museum now. 

DSC05317 C  DSC05318 C Fort Napoleon

There are wonderful views from the top.

DSC05238 C

DSC05239 C Fort Napoleon  DSC05285 C

DSC05278 -80 Stitch C

DSC05244 C  DSC05245 C

DSC05253 C  DSC05254 C

DSC05257 C

DSC05260 -62 Stitch C

DSC05267 C DSC05258 C DSC05264 C

We took a van up to the fort but hiked down to maximize the views.

DSC05273 -5 Stitch C

DSC05289 C  DSC05281 C

DSC05286 C

DSC05290 C  DSC05293 C

DSC05294 C  DSC05295

DSC05307 C (2)  DSC05311 C

This is a very pretty little island.

DSC05323 -4 Stitch C

On our sail away we had a view of Guadeloupe.

DSC05329 -30 Stitch C


DSC05335 C

The sun sets and we travel on ….

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