Millau Viaduct, France

DSC07591 C (2)

This is the reason we picked up our car in southern France.  I had to see this bridge.  It had just been finished around the time we were here before and I didn’t read about it until after we got home.  Traffic from Paris to the south of France went right through the town of Millau in this valley.  Our hotel host was still peeved that it was designed by an Englishman but they got their town back after the viaduct was built.  The traffic now flows through the sky above the valley!

For more info on the bridge go to

DSC07589 Viaduc de Millau (2)

It’s beautiful In the evening.DSC07608 C (2)

DSC07599 C (2)  DSC07620 C (2)

And in the morning from our hotel.

DSC04319 C Viaduc de Millau (2)

The town of Millau has a medieval old town which was very quiet on Sunday morning.  The newer part of town was more lively.

DSC07630 C (2)  DSC07637 C (2)

DSC07639 C (2)  DSC07649 C (2)

DSC07644 C (2)  DSC07650 C (2)

We drove back out of the valley to the super highway and headed for the Viaduc de Millau.

DSC04321 C (2)

You can see the bridge is slightly curved.  Makes for more comfortable driving.  You don’t feel the height when you are on it.

DSC07664 C (2)

We went to the visitor center on the far side and climbed up a hill to get the view.

DSC04338 C (2)  DSC07670 C (2)

DSC04333 C (2)

It is really amazing.  I loved it!


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