Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

DSC01717 -18 C2Pan

This post is a blast from the past for Will’s side of the family.  On our drive from Williamsburg to New York we stopped for the night in Rehoboth Beach.  This was our traditional family beach destination; a trip we took many times along with Will’s parents, brother and sister and families.  There are strict zoning laws here so little has changed in the past 30 years!

DSC01715 C  DSC01706 C

It was all about the boardwalk at Rehoboth!  There are some new cute shops but Rehoboth Avenue looks familiar.

DSC01705 C  DSC01707 C Rehoboth Ave

DSC01759 C       DSC01708 C2

We had to have a few beach favorites.  Thrasher’s french fries with vinegar……

DSC01709 C   DSC01714 C

DSC01762 C     DSC01740 C

A slice of pizza from the Grotto…..   Mmmmm, it all tasted like I remembered.

DSC01721 C  The video arcade was open but the Playland with rides for kids of all ages was closed for the season.

DSC01732 C   DSC01727 C2

There were quite a few people on the boardwalk for a late Sunday afternoon.  And a few people were on the beach.

DSC01745 C    DSC01746 C

DSC01748 C    DSC01754 C

There was a wedding party taking pictures.

DSC01743 C  DSC01757 C2

We walked down the boardwalk to see the Henlopen Beach Hotel and Condos where we always stayed.

DSC01756 C    DSC01753

The wedding party was heading there too.

DSC01758 C        DSC01749 C

DSC01751 C       DSC01735 C

We toasted our afternoon down memory lane with drinks at a second floor sports bar and found a little higher view point.

DSC01763 C   DSC01769 C3

DSC01770 C 2

A lovely end to the day.                 DSC01774 C

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2 Responses to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

  1. Joanne Crawford says:

    Oh, what a walk down memory lane. For me, it’s Seaside, OR. BTW, did you ask questions of the “seer”? Looks like he’s moved on since BIG.


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