Vannes and Rochefort en Terre

What?!!  The patisserie is closed on Tuesday?!!  Sacre bleu!  I was spoiled yesterday with a pain au chocolate and tea for breakfast.  It was just tea this morning.  We packed up and headed for the small city of Vannes.  The GPS got us into the middle of town where we found another one of those very convenient underground car parks.  This one must have been a bear to live through during its construction, right at the foot of the main gate to the old quarter.

We walked along the old ramparts for wonderful views of the old Hermine Ducal Castle and its pretty formal gardens.  A little farther on are the gardens of the cathedral, St Pierre.

DSC08705 C Chateau de L'Hermine (2)

DSC08713 C Ramparts Garden (2) DSC08719 C (2)

DSC08731 C (2)    DSC08729 C (2)

We peeked into the cathedral and then had lunch in Place Henri IV surrounded by 16th century gabled houses. Will had “Porc Indienne” (pork and spiral noodles in a curry sauce) and I had Salade Italiane with greek olives and mozzarella (we’d call it Greek.)

DSC08734 C (2)         DSC08737 C Salade Italian & Porc Indienne (2)

DSC08738 C (2)       DSC08744 C (2)

DSC08747 C (2)    DSC08750 C (2)

DSC08756 C Place Gambetta (2)

We next drove on to the small village of Rochefort en Terre. It is very picturesque with lots of old houses that have shops on the first floor.

DSC08812 C (2)   DSC08767 C (2)

There is a church, Notre Dame de la Tronchaye, from the 12th, 15th and 16th century. These churches are always works in progress.

DSC08795 C Notre Dame de la Tronchaye (2)   DSC08798 C (2)

DSC08799 C (2)   DSC08790 C (2)

We tried a Bretagne Cake.  They make them  a little differently at each bakery.  This one had apples inside.

DSC08778 C (2)    DSC08773 C Bretagne Cake (2)

DSC08769 C (2)      DSC08780 C (2)

DSC08777 C (2)

This town is now an artist community kept alive by the tourists that come through.  I can only imagine how crowded it might be in the summer with cars constantly driving through on the main street!

It was a 3 hour drive to our next B&B near Dinan which is just 1/2 hour from the north coast.  The landscape is more rolling farmland here.  And the houses are built with a gray stone rather than the gold stone we saw in the Dordogne.  There are more painted houses here too.

DSC08826 C (2)

This is the view from our B&B!  It’s a lovely old house that has great possibilities.  The bathrooms are modern but the décor has sort of a first house/dorm room look.  Nothing a  good decorator couldn’t fix.  The location is excellent.

DSC08828 C B&B near Dinan (2)

We drove straight down the street and reached the Port of Dinan, below the city of Dinan, on the Rance river.  There were quite a lot of restaurant choices.

DSC08837 C (2)     DSC08830 C (2)

But we chose the wrong one!  Our restaurant had a real British feel with Celtic music playing.  This part of Brittany does have an English feel.  And our dinner was more English.  We had beef with salad and fries – it was listed first under “traditional” on the menu.  You can’t have a winning meal every night.  The crêpes we had for dessert were redeeming.  They are a specialty of the area.  Will had honey and I had chocolate and bananas.

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    I am in Vannes working but your blog is gorgeous, really great pictures. I am trying on mine but yours is fantastic. Thanks for writing so well about France ::)

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