Incredible India 8 – Jaipur

On the road to Jaipur we encountered a large, noisy and colorful group of travelers, probably on their way to a religious celebration in the city.  Loudspeakers on trucks blared a cacophony of clanging music.

       DSC09650 CDSC09649 CDSC09651 CDSC09655 CDSC09657 C

Our first views of Jaipur were disappointing.

DSC09658 C Jaipur

There was lots of traffic – all types of vehicles and pedestrians!

DSC09662 CDSC09667 C

The Pink City of Jaipur is in the center of town behind the city gates.

DSC09669 C

This is the Jaipur we expected.  We stopped for a brief walk through a market.  Decorations for the approaching Diwali celebrations were everywhere.

DSC09679 CDSC09821 CDSC09678 CDSC09681 C

The Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) is one of the famous “pink” buildings of Jaipur, built of red and pink sandstone.  953 intricately decorated small windows and niches gave royal ladies views of life outside the palace.  The top 3 stories are just one room deep.  Windows on both sides allowed cooling breezes to pass through.

               DSC09823 C Hawa Mahal -Wind PalaceDSC09827 C DSC09828 C

More pink buildings can be seen at the City Palace, a complex of palaces and museums.  The color was chosen to honor a visit from the Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) and now it is the trademark of Jaipur.

            DSC09833 C City Palace

This is also the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur and the flag is unfurled when the Maharaja is in the palace.

DSC09838 C  DSC09870 C

DSC09844 C  DSC09843 C

DSC09845 C  DSC09836 C

These elephants are carved in single blocks of marble.

DSC09842 C  DSC09889 C

DSC09847 -50 C Stitch

DSC09851 C DSC09854 C

DSC09856 C   DSC09859 C

There are two huge silver urns displayed behind glass that are said to be the world’s largest.  They were specially made to carry water from the Ganges for the Maharaja to drink while on a trip to England in 1901 (Edward VII’s coronation).  He was a pious Hindu and was afraid he would be committing religious sin by drinking English water.  The vessels are named Gangajelies (Ganges-water urns).

DSC09858 C  DSC09860 C

     DSC09861 C    DSC09862 C2

DSC09866 C  DSC09863 -5 C Stitch

DSC09867 C  DSC09869 C

A colorful musician entertained us at lunch.

Jantar Mantar (calculation instrument), a World Heritage Site, is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments built between 1727 and 1734.  Even now astronomers use the observatory to calculate the auspicious date for weddings.  Students of astronomy and Vedic astrology are required to take lessons here. 

DSC09871 C Jantar Mantar - Ast Observ DSC09873 C4DSC09876 C DSC09877 CDSC09880 C DSC09883 CDSC09885 C  DSC09887 C

Lots of workers are around to keep the grounds in shape.

DSC09884 C

There is a view of the back side of the Palace of the Winds from this park.

         DSC09878 C

We went to dinner at the home of a Rajasthani royal family.  The house is in the middle of the gated city, completely surrounded by taller buildings.  You enter the “compound” from an alleyway.  Once inside you are in another land with manicured courtyards and living rooms open to the outdoors.

DSC09687 CDSC09686 CDSC09692 CDSC09685 CDSC09693 CDSC09694 C

We could not help feeling our hostess was a bird in a gilded cage.  Her young son had been sent away to school and was never expected to return to the family home.  The complex will likely be sold by the next generation.

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5 Responses to Incredible India 8 – Jaipur

  1. says:

    Hi Gracia,

    Just finished looking at (and reading) your latest adventure in Jaipur — my goodness, what an extraordinary trip you two had! Eating with a royal family? Puleeese 😉

    I may have missed it, but was this trip with a group and, if so, which one? I can’t imagine your traveling all over India on your own but then again you are brave curious folks so perhaps that’s what you did.

    Your descriptions really bring your excellent photos to life and are so important. In fact, you should be selling/publishing those photos, they’re that good. Was there a guide to tell you all about where you were visiting or were you relying on travel books, Rick Steves, etc.?

    Thanks so much for detailing such a fascinating, at times very difficult, country for all of us to see!


    • graciamc says:

      Thanks, Catherine! We toured with a Road Scholar group. We had an excellent guide and they hand out pretty good info along with the itinerary. When all else fails, though, I search on line for details.

  2. itchierfeet says:

    It really is incredible. I just watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel again and this reminds me so much of the scenes of Jaipur they show. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Gracia, thanks for passing by my blog. Good job with your!

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