Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Charlottetown, PEI

Prince Edward Island is in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.  Its colorful patchwork of rolling farm fields running down to ocean beaches and rocky cliffs is very picturesque.  We first visited PEI on a car trip in 2007.  We stayed in Charlottetown and also toured the countryside.  On this 2015 cruise we had one day to wander through this pretty town.  I’m including pictures from both visits.

Our ship docked next to Peake’s Wharf, a restored waterfront area with craft shops, boutiques and restaurants. 

DSC06300 C

We picked up a map at the Charlottetown Visitor’s Center and did our own walking tour, enjoying the scenery.

DSC06275 C

DSC06262 St Dunstan's Basilica C  DSC06267 C

St. Dunstan’s Basilica was rebuilt in 1916 after a fire.

DSC06266 C

0395 -6 St Dunstan's Basilica A Fuse C

DSC06268 C  DSC06269 C

DSC06270 C  DSC06271 C

0387 St Dunstan's Basilica C  DSC06273 C

This is the City Hall.

DSC06277 C

DSC06276 C 

0380 Province House C

Province House was the site of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, a meeting that ultimately led to the creation of Canada in 1867.  It is the current seat of PEI’s legislature.

0413 Charlottetown C  WP_20151009_001 C

DSC06297 C

DSC06280 C  DSC06281 C

DSC06291 C  DSC06292 C

DSC06293 C  DSC06294 C

DSC06295 C

Beaconsfield Historic House was designed in 1877 for James Peake, a wealthy ship builder.

DSC06285 C

DSC06283 C  DSC06284 C

0426 Beaconsfield C

Bet that’s where Peake’s Wharf got its name…here’s another view of it.

0405 Peake's Wharf C

0414 Charlottetown C

0419 Fanningbank C

Government House was built in 1835 as a residence for the Governor.  Today it is the official residence for the Lieutenant Governor.

0416 -7 Victoria Park Stitch C

The Government House Farm was designated a municipal park in 1873.  It was named Victoria Park in honor of Queen Victoria.

DSC06289 C

The park has a boardwalk along the waterfront and foot paths through the woods.

0415 Victoria Park C  DSC06290 C

Getting to Ardgowan Cottage would have been a hike but in 2007 we had a car…   This was the home of William Pope, one of PEI’s Fathers of Confederation.  You can visit it’s pretty garden.

0524 Ardgowan House C0525 C0528 C0527 C0526 C0530 C

Next post will be the lovely countryside of Prince Edward Island.

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4 Responses to Cruising the Saint Lawrence – Charlottetown, PEI

  1. gooddayrome says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to PEI and the Gaspe! You’ve inspired me!

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    Lovely gardens there. I like the sign about the wine and duct tape – so true!
    Thanks for another nice trip in pictures Gracia.

  3. mrmickca says:

    I just recently found your travel photo blog. Great work and I absolutely love the images!

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